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The ING Group is a multinational banking and financial services company based in Amsterdam, Holland.

The company’s main operations include insurance services , retail banking, commercial banking, asset management, investment banking, and retail banking, and retirement services.

The ING Group was formed in 1991 following a merger of the Dutch bank NMB Postbank and the insurance company of Nationale-Nederlanden.

ING is an abbreviation for Internationale Nederlanden Groep (International Netherlands Group).

The company provides banking solutions for over 48 million customers in 40 countries, with a team of around 75,000 employees. Its customer base is comprised of individuals, families, small businesses, large corporations, institutions and governments.

The ING Group operates the NN Group – a European leader in insurance and investment management, with a major presence across 18 countries in the continent. It has several business segments: Netherlands Life, Netherlands Non-life, Insurance Europe, Japan Life, Investment Management, Other (Nationale-Nederlanden Bank, ING Reinsurance and Holding) and Japan Closed Block VA.


The ING Group logo

  • Chairman: Peter Elverding
  • CEO: Ralph Hamers
  • Industry: Banking, financial services
  • Type: Public
  • Listed on Euronext and the New York Stock Exchange
  • Euronext stock symbol: INGA
  • NYSE stock symbol: ING
  • Income: €26.301 billion EUR (2013)
  • Earnings (loss) per share: €0.71 EUR (2013)
  • Total assets: €1,080.624 billion EUR (2013)
  • Founded: 1991
  • Headquarters: Amsterdamse Poort, Bijlmerplein 888, 1102 MG Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Employees: 84,000 (2013)
  • Website:
  • Investor relations contact number: +31 20 5639111
Income statement data (in millions of euros) 2013 2012
Interest income banking operations €51,394 €60,003
Investment income €3,918 €4,260
Gross commission income €4,234 €3,941
Net trading income €670 €1,662
Other income €208 -€398
Total income €26,301 €28,900
Total expenses €22,194 €24,826
Result before tax from continuing operations €4,107 €4,074
Taxation €1,013 €1,001
Net result from continuing operations €3,094 €3,073
Balance sheet data (in millions of euros)
Total assets €1,080,624 €1,166,191
Total liabilities €1,027,781 €1,111,083
Total shareholders’ equity €45,941 €51,777
Total equity €52,843 €55,108
Common share data (in euros)
Earnings per Common Share – Basic €0.71 €0.93
Earnings per Common Share – Diluted €0.71 €0.93

Source: “ING Group Annual Report 2013”

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