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What is SEO friendly content? Simply put, it is content that search engines consider to be “rich” and “good quality”.

The most important thing to consider when writing good quality content is that it is written for people and not search engines. 

A website that is just optimized for search engines does not provide readers with interesting and informative content.

But, how do you create interesting content that is also search engine optimized (SEO) optimized?

Write content that is relevant

Search engines can differentiate good quality content from a page that is made to be optimized for a search engine yet lacks little substance – using Black Hat methods such as keyword stuffing.

Make it interesting

Content Definition

People want good content, and if they find it they are more likely to help improve a site’s reputation through organic or word-of-mouth buzz. This can also be achieved by including a new, useful service that other sites do not have.

Use words you think users will search for

It is no good writing a stellar article if the audience cannot find it. Therefore (without jeopardizing the quality of the content) using words that people are likely to look up will help drive more traffic to your site (enhancing the site’s SEO).

Use anchors correctly

First of all it is crucial to know what anchor text is. Anchor text is the clickable text that visitors will see in linked content – placed within an anchor tag <a href=”…”></a>. The anchor text should describe the content on the article page it is linked to.

Use the “alt” attribute to properly describe an image

Images that are placed in webpages should have an “alt” attribute that describes the image in the case that the image does not load properly. The “alt” text helps search engines identify what the image is about.

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