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This Market Business News information article provides details on important HTML practices that are considered to be SEO friendly.

A website can substantially benefit from using the right HTML code –  improving a website’s usability and its search engine optimization.

Proper use of the <title> tag

It is essential that every webpage has its own unique <title> tag – which appears within the head section of a page.

The <title> tag is important because it provides search engines with information on the topic the page is about. It also determines what will be shown in search engine results.

title tag on google

Example of a <title> tag being that Google retrieved from a Market Business News article. 

In addition, social bookmarking sites (such as Facebook) retrieve this information when providing a link to the webpage.

title tag facebook

Example of Facebook retrieving the <title> tag of a Market Business News article when a post is shared.

Lets assume there is an article that provides a list of the most common dog breeds in the US, a good title for the article would be “The most common dog breeds in America”.

The title tag for this particular article would the following:

<title>The most common dog breeds in America</title>

Creating a compelling title is effectively one of the most important single on-page components that helps SEO.

Proper use of the <meta> tag

The <meta> tag allows publishers to provide search engines with a description/summary of what their page is about.

While a page <title> is usually only a few words, a meta description can be a couple of sentences long or even a short paragraph.

The key to writing a good meta description is to make it informative and interesting for users, while at the same time ensuring it is relevant to the content. 

The meta description is what appears below a page title in search engines – as a rich snippet.

meta description on google

Example of a meta description appearing on Google.

Other important factors to consider:

  • use the “alt” attribute to describe what your images are about.
  • use heading tags (<h1>,<h2>,<h3>, etc.) to highlight important pieces of your content.

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