How to to save energy and reduce your electricity bill

There are two good reasons to try and make cuts on the amount of energy you consume.

First of all, its a responsible thing to do given the dramatically rising total energy consumption worldwide.

Secondly saving energy helps you save money.

This article provides a list of simple measures that you can adopt to help reduce your energy consumption.


Use compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of regular bulbs.

Make sure you turn the lights off in every room when they are not in use.

During the day try and increase the amount of natural sunlight that enters your house – if possible.


Lower the thermostat every time you leave the house.

Cover your floors with rugs or use carpets.

Raise the temperature of your house slowly – quickly raising the temperature uses a lot of energy.


Use ceiling fans to help cool the house – they use less electricity than air conditioning (AC) units.

Consider increasing the temperature you set your AC unit to.

Make sure that the thermostat fan switch is on “auto”, otherwise it will keep running the fan all day long.

When you leave the house turn off all your AC units.


Use an ENERGY STAR®-qualified model fridge that have good insulation and power-saving switches.

Don’t set the temperature of your fridge too low – the cooler it is the more energy it uses.

Use a microwave oven to heat leftovers instead of a conventional oven.

Avoid overdrying your clothes – with the tumble dryer.

If possible, hang your clothes out to dry – eliminating the need to use a tumble dryer and the energy consumption associated with its use.


Turn off your TV when you finish watching it.

When you buy a new  TV ensure that it is ENERGY STAR-qualified.

If your TV has a “power-saving” option, enable it.

Consider using laptops instead of desktop computers.

Unplug any battery chargers – they could be draining energy without you even realizing.

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