10 Amazing Resident Event Ideas That Your Renters Will Love

Stay Connected The Wireless Way With Virtual Resident Event Ideas!

The last couple of years has taught us how to connect even when we are far apart. We have mastered the virtual way, and we have created a more connected world by doing so.

Well, no need to stop now! Keep the connection going with your residents, whether they are in their living room or vacationing halfway across the country

Here are three high-engaging Resident event ideas that are virtual and lots of fun.

Virtual Fitness Class

The time and place can always be suitable for a workout, and At-home fitness has shown to be just as impactful as a gym workout. So, whether you have residents who simply find their best comfort is in their home or can’t resist a good home workout, fire up zoom and lead a guided exercise for them to enjoy. Live fitness classes are a hit, whether it’s a relaxing yoga session, indoor friendly HIIT, or a sweaty round of Zumba.

Netflix And Sip

Let’s face it, Netflix is addictive, but it’s the absolute best when sharing with people. Here’s another great way to share the evening with your residents. Pass out seal drink options, pop on a movie, shoot out a zoom link and watch the engagement soar in the comments.

Live Band

Wind down nights were made for all of us and, to be honest, are among the best nights. When connecting live music to a Live platform, no turn of weather can ruin the night. Your residents will thank you.

Have A Dance Party

Music is fun, and it’s contagious! Ditch the slow melodies for something more upbeat for this resident event. If you want to make it even more fun, choose one dance for the night that everyone can learn, and be sure to put the display in a multiscreen and watch the magic happen.  

Resident Bake Off

Ready Set Bake! This one is simple, tidy, but fun! Invite your residents to stop by the community office and pick up a bag of goodies to make a baked good at home. Tune in to a shared link and do a guided bake-off.

Face To Face Resident Event Ideas That Your Residents Won’t Want to Miss!

Getting out and about is a significant change that many of us are embracing, your residents included. Give them something to show up to that will consist of laughs and joy, and remind them why choosing to live in your community was their best decision yet.

Sip And Paint

Sip and Paint events are popular events for all the right reasons. A chance to showcase your inner Picasso and an excellent wine and great neighbors – who can resist?

Movie Trivia

Tried and True is the perfect icebreaker for new neighbors and the classic bonding resident event for increasing community camaraderie. Whether it’s a battle of 80’s movies knowledge, another rendition of Name That Tune or even One-hit Wonders, trivia night paired with a taco bar is a night set up for fun, memories, and a reminder of why choosing your community was the best decision.

Screen On The Green

Netflix is fun, even when you are live streaming, but, to be honest, it’s epic when paired with a starry night. Whether it’s a horror film around Halloween or a cult Classic like Jaws on a summer night, you can t go wrong with this resident event.

Desert Bar

Yes, taco bars are unmatched but hear me out. What if you did the same but with ice cream, candies, and all things sweet instead? See, we knew you’d see it our way!

Food Trucks Are Always A Win

Yummy food from your favorite food truck is the best. Poll your community for the most desired cuisine, search your area for the best option and bring the deliciousness right to your community’s doorstep!

Turn Your Resident Event Ideas Into Calendar Reminders At The Click Of A Button!

Managing your resident event ideas can be just as simple as 1, 2, and 3 with the Resident Engagement App by Flamingo. The all-inclusive app is customizable and flexible and available at the fingertips of everyone with a smartphone. It allows you to organize your resident events and maintain reputation management all in one place.

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