10 Automotive Insurance Companies That Offer Great Coverage For Dads

If you’re living in the U.K., you should know that the government mandates all drivers to insure their vehicles. This protects you and your family from the financial burdens related to property damage and injuries resulting from a car accident that you caused or are a victim of. Coverage will vary depending on your policy type and provider. Thus, choosing a reliable and well-established company can help you cover all your bases. 

For those of you who’ve been scouring the internet for Progressive auto insurance reviews, there’s no need to search any further. Below is information about the best automotive insurance companies that offer great coverage for dads. You can also find tips on how to save money on car insurance and how to find the right policy provider in the U.K. 

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What Type of Car Insurance Do You Need in the U.K.?

In the U.K., car insurance coverage has three levels: 

  • Fully comprehensive
  • Third-party
  • Third-party, fire, and theft

The government minimum is to have at least a third-party policy. This can cover costs for medical treatments and damages relating to a car accident that you caused. Although it provides the least amount of coverage, that doesn’t mean it’s the most affordable. You can spend thousands of pounds on third-party insurance, especially if you live in a high-risk area. 

Best Automotive Insurance Companies for Dads

Not sure where to start your search for the best automotive insurance companies for dads? Here’s a list of 10 companies to consider: 

  1. Admiral

Being one of the United Kingdom’s largest automotive insurance providers, Admiral is also one of the most popular companies to get your policies from. They comprise 14% of the U.K. motor insurance market and insure more than 4.97 million vehicles. You can add up to four drivers to a Single Car policy and six drivers for a MultiCar policy. 

  1. Aviva

If you’re looking for affordable car insurance, Aviva offers some of the cheapest policies in the industry. They focus primarily on multi-car insurance policies; however, they do have single-car options available as well. You can insure up to five cars on a single policy, so long as they’re from the same household. 

  1. Direct Line

This provider offers everything from pet insurance to auto insurance to clients in the U.K. They’re well-loved for their exceptional customer service and competitive rates. Plus, they have generous discounts for clients who take out multi-car policies. The company works directly with Volkswagen, so you can get auto insurance directly from your car dealer after purchasing a qualified vehicle. 

  1. Churchill

For businessmen with multiple vehicles, Churchill auto insurance is a great option to consider. They have a 24-hour emergency helpline that comes in handy during urgent cases. Additionally, they offer a five-year guarantee for repairs from company-approved providers throughout the U.K. 

  1. Hastings Direct

Hastings has a population of 3.1 million insured, so it’s no wonder they’re called the United Kingdom’s largest provider of general insurance. Customers love them for their flexibility and variety, which allows you to add and remove features from policies as needed. It’s a great option for people looking for affordable car insurance. 

  1. AXA

Unlike most providers on this list, AXA is an internationally acclaimed provider. The policies they sell are written under their brand. They also underwrite for other companies such as By Miles. They offer standard coverage to clients, making them the ideal option for low-risk drivers. 

  1. John Lewis Finance

Possibly the oldest insurance provider on this list, John Lewis Finance has been in the industry for over 150 years. They’ve received incredibly high scores from their clients, thanks to their high-quality services and exceptional customer support. You can tweak your policies to fit your budget, preferences, and needs. Plus, you’re given a choice of various add-ons and extra features. 

  1. Bell Insurance

Bell Insurance uses a state-of-the-art plug-and-drive technology that assures customers of getting fair premiums every time. It’s a great option for drivers with very limited resources, giving them access to competitive prices as well as exceptional services. 

  1. Dial Direct

If you’re looking for home, car, and van insurance, Dial Direct is a great choice. They’re one of the United Kingdom’s largest insurance providers, with over a million active customers nationwide. They specialize in comprehensive auto insurance; however, they also offer other insurance policies. 

  1. Ageas

Around 99% of Ageas claims are approved according to a 2020 survey. It’s one of the many reasons why customers prefer their services over others. But their great service does come with a price—and an expensive one at that. If you’re on a budget, you may want to look someplace else for insurance. 

How to Save Money on Car Insurance

Auto insurance isn’t the cheapest commodity around. If you want to save some money on your car insurance, the following tips might help: 

  • Choose multi-car policies if you have more than one vehicle at home.
  • Practice safe driving so insurance companies see you as less of a risk.
  • See if you can pay for your insurance annually to drive down interest rates.
  • Remove features that you don’t need from your policy.
  • Lower mileage may mean lower premiums—so be mindful of your usage.
  • Drive a car that’s from a lower insurance group.

Final Thoughts

Auto insurance is undeniably one of the most important protections to have if you’re a driver. Nevertheless, it’s not exactly the cheapest commodity around. Thus, finding a company that meets your needs and requirements is important. The right insurance policy can safeguard your finances from absolute ruin and ensure you get the treatment and repairs you need in case of an accident. 

As a father, you’re likely looking for multi-car policies that allow you to add more than one driver to your plan. The providers on this list are some of the best in the industry, some with centuries of experience under their belt. Choosing any of these companies will surely benefit you and your family.