10 Best Guest Posting Services for Conquering SERPS

The main aim of using a guest post is to provide another blog or website with a useful and informative article that will help you to extend your marketing reach to a wider audience.

The benefits to you and your business are obvious. You not only develop a relationship that helps you gain a foothold amongst webmasters and bloggers but it is a marketing strategy that can deliver results by allowing you to gain authority and achieve a backlink too.

Here is a look at what a guest post is all about and what it can help you to achieve. We also take a look at what blogger outreach is all about, what white-label guest posting offers, and why it can be a smart move to buy guest posts.

Once you know why a guest post strategy is so relevant in terms of helping you grow your business and how it helps you with link building we will then take a look at some of the leading service providers in this sphere. In that review, we will give you a comprehensive top-10 rundown of their features and prices in order to find the best guest posting service around.

What is a guest posting service?

One of the primary reasons why a guest post ticks all the right boxes is because it offers benefits to both sides of the business relationship. There are numerous advantages attached to using guest posts and when you find the best guest posting service to fulfill your needs it should make all the difference.

Bloggers are always on the lookout for high-quality content that allows them to keep their audience engaged and encourage new visitors to their site. Using guest posts also presents them with an opportunity to get a higher level of exposure and enhance their branding.

From the guest post contributor’s perspective, it is a very effective way of building editorial or contextual links and it increases search engine authority at the same time

What’s the difference between guest posting and blogger outreach?

Guest posting and blogger outreach are in the same arena when it comes to link-building techniques but there are substantial differences between the two in other respects.

If you are going to attempt to do the guest posting yourself you will need to commit a lot of time and energy to the process. You will also need to have the knowledge and the wiring skills required to get your post accepted.

In addition, you will need to spend a lot of time trying to engage with the right sites that may be prepared to publish your content and agree to a backlink.

If you use a guest posting service all of your requirements will be taken care of and all of the writing, prospecting, and administrative tasks will be handled on your behalf. The best guest posting services will be able to competently handle all of these requirements for you. They should also be able to provide you with a white-label guest posting solution if that is what you are looking for.

This makes the prospect of using blogger outreach and developing a relationship with a reliable guest-posting service much more appealing and cost-effective than trying to do all this yourself.

Blogger outreach continues to be viewed as a very viable way to increase online exposure for your business and key benefits include the ability to build authority and trust, combined with improved search engine visibility. It is also a proven way of driving more targeted traffic to your website.

Why are backlinks so important?

Having highlighted the advantages of using a guest post service you may be wondering about backlinks and why they are seen as such a valuable commodity in relation to your marketing tactics.

In simple terms, a backlink describes a situation where another website agrees to let one of its pages link back to your site. The very best guest posting services are acutely aware of the importance of backlinks.

One of the primary reasons why backlinks are considered to be so valuable and important is because it is often seen as a validation that your resource is a trusted site and contains worthwhile information because the site owner has agreed to link to you.

This vote of confidence helps build credibility with search engines who tend to take the same view that your site must be of a suitable quality if it has links from other trusted sources.

As you would expect, there are different types of links. Contextual links are seen as the most valuable as it is a link that is surrounded by text and has a high degree of relevance to the content around them.

A non-contextual link is still worthwhile but doesn’t have the same weight of importance. An example of this type of link would be when you establish a link to an online directory, for instance.

Authoritative backlinks have a perceived status and value with the likes of Google and other search engines. Using a guest-posting service to produce quality content as well as providing outreach to place the article and backlink where it has value can be seen as a smart move.

With that in mind, here is a look at the top 10 guest-post service providers and details of their white label guest posting and blogger outreach options available. This ranking and summary of their services and prices should enable you to buy guest posts with a high degree of confidence.

Top 10 Best Guest Post Services Ranked


#1 – OutreachZ

There are a number of valid reasons why OutreachZ makes the number one slot on the list and has to be considered one of the best guest posting services around.

It is well placed to be the leading platform for helping you build authoritative backlinks by providing guest posts and blogger outreach services that achieve a high standard and are competitively priced.

OutreachZ offers a premium link building platform. This is due to the fact that they have established relationships with thousands of verified publishers where your posts can be placed for maximum impact in terms of audience reach and SEO ranking.

Quality is always a key indicator that you need to be mindful of. This guest posting service aims to target authentic niche blogs. That means no low-quality guest post farm tactics or drop catches to worry about. The company has quality-control procedures in place to ensure that every platform is hand-picked and delivers authenticity as well as quality.

Another good reason why OutreachZ ranks as #1 is the fact that it guarantees that all links will remain live for at least 12 months. They will replace it for free if this doesn’t happen.

Finally, pricing is always something you want to pay close attention to so that you can get the best service at the lowest possible cost.

You have options when it comes to platform fees. Either 20% or $30. In terms of quality, if you are searching for a domain authority (DA) of 50+ with organic traffic of more than 10,000, the total cost, including publisher fees, is just $195.

This represents an average saving of more than $200 compared to other providers.

OutreachZ scores heavily on both service options and standards as well as pricing. They have the experience and talent to deliver on their promises, which is why they take top billing.

#2 – OutreachMama

This company offers its clients two distinct services. You can opt for an outreach package on its own or you can choose their guest posting facility.

The outreach package is not what you normally see from a typical SEO agency and it is designed to help you grow your link profile while aligning with Google’s algorithm as it evolves.

This is a nice feature and it also offers a number of link building resources that you might find useful. In terms of ordering guest posts through OutreachMama, you will find that the user-friendly dashboard makes this process easy to order a recurring package or customize your requirements, to a certain extent.

Their outreach service will typically cost you somewhere between about $900 and $1,800 per month. Their per-link pricing varies according to link authority, which means you could expect to pay anything up to $290 and their guest posting service offers a median price of around $200 per month and utilizes existing connections.

Its easy-to-use dashboard is a positive feature and fixed prices can help with budgeting.

#3 – Traffic Crow

This company has managed to position itself as a leading player when it comes to offering what you could classify as standard guest blogging and outreach services.

Traffic Crow prides itself on trying to provide an all-round SEO package. This includes services such as providing a manual outreach service in order to avoid the potential for any irrelevant or unnatural links.

The company offers discounts and special pricing plans for agencies and resellers.

Discounts increase incrementally in conjunction with the size of your order. It offers guest post services that start from $29 and delivers a 100% money-back guarantee in relation to links and other aspects of its services.

Traffic Crow aims to offer a range of services that cover most of your SEO needs.

#4 – Click Intelligence

The primary purpose of Click Intelligence is to provide its clients with a link building strategy that is based around guest posting services.

The company does offer blogger outreach services as well but it prefers to charge for these services at an hourly rate of about $100 rather than charging per link.

It is hard to compare this charging structure to a more conventional per-link service but it will probably equate to about $300 per link, on average.

The lowest price you will pay per link is around $65 and you can expect to pay about $375 for placings on target websites that have the highest domain authority.

Click Intelligence is worth considering for guest posting services but may not be the most competitively priced option for outreach services.

#5- Smash Digital

This company aims to position itself in the SEO world as a bit of a left-field choice with what they consider to be a fairly unique approach to what it takes to drive visitors to your website.

Having said that, they are not exactly reinventing the wheel by focusing on guest posting as a way of getting you the links you want.

Smash Digital warrants inclusion in the top 10 because they offer something slightly different when it comes to satisfying your link building ambitions.

Their prices reflect the fact that they view themselves as a niche option. You can expect to pay about $600 per link and their most basic monthly plan starts from about $1,200 per month.

Smash Digital tries to be different and is worth considering if you are looking for an approach to link building that is not always the same as its competitors.

#6 – Gloc Media

What you will get from Gloc Media is a service that is more about quality rather than quantity. They adopt a manual link building approach with a view to building your ranking over a period of time and ensuring that you consistently meet typical search engine standards and policies.

Predominantly, their service is about using guest bloggers to place professional content on selected third-party blogs that meet the niche criteria of your brief.

They offer four basic pricing plans to choose from and the cost is influenced by the number of links being built. The median price of their links is around $50 and this gets you a minimum of 30 domain authority.

The primary focus is quality over quantity so they are not a natural choice for bulk orders.

#7- SeoEaze

Next on the list is SeoEaze, which is a company that adopts a two-pronged approach to the challenge in the form of blog posts that contain natural anchor text.

Their reasoning for delivering their services in this way is centered around a strategy that aims to swerve Google penalties and updates, which can have an impact on your ranking ambitions if you don’t account for the way this dominant search engine moves its goalposts on a regular basis.

They offer five pricing plans to choose from and these usually vary somewhere between $200 and $1,000. A typical link will cost $100 at the lower end and up to $200, which includes the cost of the content.

They are not renowned for blogger outreach services and their primary focus is all about guest posting.

A decent range of pricing options is a useful feature offered by SeoEaze.

#8- Shortlist

This company makes it abundantly clear that their number one offering is what is known as white hat digital marketing.

If you are not familiar with the term, white hat describes a range of SEO practices that are specifically designed to meet Google guidelines, amongst other things. It is about adding valuable content to the web in a way that does not seek to manipulate search rankings (which is a tactic referred to as black hat SEO).

Shortlist is included in the list for their guest posting abilities but they also cover a broad spectrum of digital marketing services that include web design and development, for example.

You can expect to pay in the region of £150 for a standard guest post that offers organic traffic in excess of 500. Their premium guest posting service comes in at around $250, with organic traffic above 1,000, and a platinum post will cost $350.

If your focus is on white hat techniques, Shortlist makes the grade in this respect.

#9- Globex Outreach

The company has established itself as a leading outreach and content agency within the last decade and offers a combination of manual link outreach services and access to a directory of websites that are suitable for guest posting.

The way their service works is to select the websites you want your link placements on, either from their own list of approximately 13,000 blogs or one of your own, and place your order via email.

You can expect each chosen blog to have a minimum of 30 domain authority and a 35 domain rating. The process normally takes about five days to complete.

The price you can expect to pay for being published on your chosen website varies considerably. It might be as low as $65 or exceed $500. It all depends on the quality of the target site.

Globex Outreach has established an impressive list of blogs that helps them deliver on their promises.

#10- Lovetolink

The ethos behind Lovetolink is about creating unique guest post content with personal outreach as the driving force.

This approach is designed to create links that achieve genuine organic traffic. It also provides a list of guest blogging sites with supporting information such as authority and site age. This allows you the opportunity to apply various filters to match any specific criteria you are trying to meet.

Its pricing structure is also more bespoke than other agencies. They provide you with an overview of the various data used to build links so that you can browse through the various niches and choose what is relevant to your requirements.

Lovetolink offers a bespoke pricing structure but they do have a structured discount policy that offers you a 5% discount for orders of 10 or more sites, a 7% discount when you order 20 or more, and a 10% discount when your order exceeds 40 sites.

This site can be viewed as a no-frills service that gives you the links you are looking for without deviating much from their core strength, which is guest posts.


Choosing a company that offers guest posting services can be tricky in a reasonably crowded marketplace.

These providers highlighted are worthy of consideration when you are choosing someone to help you with your link building ambitions. The combination of providing excellent guest posting and outreach services is a powerful one and that’s why it makes sense to think about selecting a company that delivers on both.

If you have any questions about any aspects of guest posting or outreach services, get in touch or leave a comment.

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