10 Best Hulu TV Shows to Watch this Weekend 

Are you looking for some fantastic TV programs to binge this weekend? Hulu is the place to go! Hulu has become a go-to streaming provider for entertainment fans due to its extensive library of shows. Hulu has something for everyone, from riveting dramas to funny comedies. Here is a list of the 7 finest Hulu TV series worth your time. So grab your popcorn and prepare for an epic weekend of binge-watching Hulu!

1. Dave

Want some comedy in your hectic daily life? Go for Dave, as it is an American comedy television series that offers unlimited fun and enjoyment. Dave Burd created the series in his name and became a creative creator. This series also has some touchy topics like mental illness and much more that will amaze you as not everyone dares to create content on such issues, but Dave did this efficiently. In the storyline, the stars fictionalize themselves as Lil Dicky, a neurotic man who thought of himself as the best rapper in the world.

2. Extraordinary

Extraordinary is so fantastic as the viewers claim they had to finish it in a day as it was captivating. When it first aired on Hulu in late January, it was met with such enthusiasm that we want you to watch the series this weekend. Extraordinary, created by relative newcomer Emma Moran, is set in a future where everyone receives a superpower on or around their 18th birthday. Unfortunately, 25-year-old Jen still lacks an ability, which has left her bitter and sarcastic. So, it is a blend of suspense and new instances that the girl goes through while having those supernatural powers.

3. The Great

The Great, a new Hulu series created by one of the film’s screenwriters, Tony McNamara, develops the suspense people want to watch. However, Anne was powerless; Catherine was recognized as one of Europe’s most powerful rulers. The Great is a series that reflects the inconvenience of a lady who was a royal one, and she faces the trauma of choosing between two beloved things ever. One was her happiness, and the other was the future of Russia, as she was married to an Emperor; watch this series to know how she managed both or she left one and foresaw her happiness. This TV series is a blend of suspense and emotional incidents, as the genre of this TV series is Biography, Comedy, and Drama. If you are thinking, How to watch Hulu in Canada? So, it’s here; watching The Great TV series in Canada requires a decent-quality VPN to manage your favourite content.

4. The Patient

This series represents several exciting incidents that the audience will love and admire. In the series, a serial killer kidnaps a psychiatrist with unusual behaviour and controls his murderous tendencies. As the therapist unravels this man’s thoughts, he must also deal with his buried issues, making the journey as dangerous as his captivity and the story more prominent during the whole process.

5. Atlanta

The series Atlanta starring Donald Glover gives a fresh perspective on the television scene. The character navigates the Atlanta music scene while coping with personal and professional problems. Do you know how difficult this is? Yes, it is, but you must watch the series to understand how well things went on, or they didn’t. The series has gained significant critical acclaim for its unique blend of comedy, drama, social commentary, and fascinating storytelling.

6. The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project is a fantastic choice if you’re bored of old series and searching for a cheerful and fun comedy. The show stars Dr. Mindy Lahiri as she balances her personal and professional lives in a fast-paced medical practice. The character has been a motivation for others as well. The Mindy Project is a feel-good sitcom featuring dynamic writing, colourful characters, and upbeat scenarios. It is one of the comedy shows on television that most people admire.

7. Tyrant

In this series, Barry works as a paediatrician in Los Angeles, but he and his family are returning to his homeland for his nephew’s wedding. It’s his first return in 20 years, but things don’t go as planned, so that the audience will enjoy the unique consequences. A collision occurs as Barry is pushed back into his youth’s familial and national politics, which he had evaded through self-imposed exile.

8. The Handmaid’s Tale

If you admire science fiction and unbelievable themes, go for The Handmaid’s Tale. This series recounts the most traumatic experiences of a handmaid forced to have children for the ruling class. The Handmaid’s Tale delves into domination, resilience, and the struggle for liberty. The story will definitely catch your attention and make you feel great.

9. Better Things

The most realistic and devoted single mother parenting her three daughters is shown in the comedy-drama Better Things. Based on the writer’s own experiences, the series explores the joys and challenges of emotional parenting as well as the fulfilment of the girls’ love. This program is a goldmine of an authentic plot, superb acting, and wonderful characters. You will be in awe of the director’s attention to detail when you watch the show.

10. Fargo

For streamers who like dark humour and strong storyline, Fargo is a best collection series. Each season of Fargo, which is based on the Coen brothers’ movie of the same name, offers a fresh tale set in a different time and place but tied together by the portrayal of small-town crime. Fargo is a television narrative classic that stands out for its excellent writing, standout acting, and surprising turns.


With these seven outstanding TV shows accessible on Hulu, your weekend pleasure is taken care of. Hulu has you covered whether you’re looking for gripping dramas, amusing comedies, or daring crime stories. There is something for everyone, from the apocalyptic realm to the hilarious brilliance. Not every TV series can make you feel good, but some will do the job for you.

Now you don’t have to wait anymore. So grab your remote, find your favourite couch location, and prepare to be enthralled by these fantastic Hulu TV series. Have fun binge-watching!