10 Compelling Reasons Why Car Buyers Should Review The Vehicle Check

It’s important to inspect the vehicle information before you buy any used car because if you don’t, you can pay a high financial cost. Buying a vehicle is always an exciting time, looking through classified ads online, visiting used car dealerships, and going on test drives.

That said, you shouldn’t lose focus on what you’re there for – to find good value. If you don’t use basic finance check or car write-off check services, your new dream car can quickly end up turning into a nightmare. Here we offer up ten compelling reasons that tell you why failing to know the car check details is a bad idea.

Ten Reasons Why You Must Consider Vehicle History Check

Reason 1 – Outstanding Car Finance

One of the main reasons why to check car details or at the very least, a finance check is a must because the car you’re buying might have outstanding finance from a previous owner linked to it. If any finance is outstanding, the car will still belong to the company that provided it, meaning that you might ask to pay what could be thousands of pounds as the registered keeper.

Reason 2 – It Could Be a Stolen Car

When you buy a car, without a vehicle history check, there is a high possibility of turning a stolen car, which’s never good. In case, if you get to know it is a stolen car after you pay for it, then you will face the financial loss and the police seize the vehicle from you.

Reason 3 – Check Owner of Vehicle to Get the Right Info

A logbook is a necessary document for any vehicle owner to have, but a DVLA car owner check can tell you if the current registered keeper matches what is displayed on it. There’s no telling if the information on the logbook given is accurate, which puts you at a real disadvantage in that you can’t fully know that you’re investing in something worth the money.

Reason 4 – It Tells You about the Car’s Complete History

When you check the previous owner details before buying a car, you get to see its complete history, which will tell you a lot about the car. For example, if it has had several owners over a short period of time, there could be an underlying problem that the seller isn’t telling you about. Conversely, if you find it’s had one owner, the chances are that it’s in the condition described.

Reason 5 – Whether a car has been written off

A paid checking car history will tell you whether the car has been written off. It’s not against the law to sell a car with this status, but it will drastically affect its value and your chances of selling it on again. It’s another scenario where you could end up losing a lot of money, so a car write-off check is certainly worth carrying out.

Reason 6 – Plate Change History

Some dodgy people out there will try to sell you a car by hiding its original history. Use a number plate search, and it will tell you if and when the car’s registration or ‘plate’ details have been amended. It is something you can ask the current owner about, and if they’re not quickly forthcoming about why it was done, it’s a big warning sign.

Reason 7 – It Can Highlight Any Potential Mileage Anomaly

The value of used cars is unlawfully boosted by ‘clocking’ the mileage, which means artificially reducing the number of miles that the car has done. Take a car mileage check online will highlight any potential discrepancy when it comes to mileage, as it’s usually marked on the logbook each time it’s sold on.

Reason 8 – It Shows Up Cars with a Destruction Certificate

You can scrap the car after the certificate of destruction from ATF, and it gets noted on the vehicle background check. It will tell you whether the dealer is trying to sell certain illegal or potential issues that affect your hard-earned cash.

Reason 9 – You Get a More Accurate Valuation

Whilst the seller you’re buying from might not be illegally selling you a car; they may be trying to trick you regarding its true car value. The history of the car will tell you a lot about whether the figure quoted is accurate or whether you have room to negotiate a better price.

Reason 10 – Vehicle Checks Represent Great Value for Money

If you decide not to check the vehicle information, you greatly increase the risk since you’re not buying the car you think you are. Sure, there’s a cost involved in getting thorough checks done, but when compared to the thousands you could lose by buying a dodgy car, it soon becomes obvious that it represents great value.

Get a Check Done – You Know It Makes Sense!

As you can see, several reasons why you should know vehicle history details, as when you leave it to chance, you make yourself vulnerable.

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We hope you enjoyed reading our blog. We also hope that it has shown that it’s just not worth taking chances when it comes to the history of any car you’re buying.

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