10 Fleet Tracking Solutions You Need To Know About in 2022

Fleet tracking has always played a crucial role in managing and improving fleet performance. These solutions not only save time by automating data collection but also offer meaningful insights into the inner workings of every tiny operation. With the help of fleet tracking reports, managers can proactively prepare for the future, and target areas that need more attention.

Fleet tracking is beneficial to the assets, drivers, and employees of any fleet company. The real-time location data can prove to be life-saving in case of accidents or theft. Moreover, they help drivers use their regulated work hours productively. Again, as data is automated, drivers get paid for all their efforts.

Fleet Tracking Solutions
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Here are 10 fleet tracking solutions that fleet managers and drivers need to know about.

Matrack Fleet Tracking

Matrack offers one of the most comprehensive fleets tracking solutions, easily customizable for all sizes and kinds of fleets. The solution includes wireless and wired devices, including GPS-enabled vehicle trackers, asset trackers, ELDs, and other tools that improve visibility and productivity. You get performance-boosting products, features, and services at an affordable price.

The Matrack GPS Fleet tracking devices collect geolocation, engine status, mileage, vehicle diagnostics, and fuel consumption. The intelligent companion software analyzes the above and other data to provide real-time information on the performance of your resources, such as vehicles, equipment, and drivers. It helps you use your assets optimally and increase your ROI in the longer run.

Matrack GPS devices for Fleet tracking cost $50 with the lowest monthly subscription rate of $12.95. There are no contracts; you can activate/deactivate services as per your preference.

Reasons to choose Matrack Fleet Tracking Solutions
  • Easy installation
  • Real-time location information
  • Fuel optimization and regulatory compliance
  • ETA data and route planning
  • LTE/4G connectivity
  • Customizable features based on the requirement
  • Driver Safety and training assistance
  • Schedule maintenance through a vehicle health diagnostics
  • Roadside assistance, Geofence, aggressive tracking mode
  • Includes ELD, Asset tracking, Freight Factoring, Fuel cards, and more.

GPS Trackit Fleet Tracking

If you are looking for responsive customer service, then the GPS Trackit Fleet solution is for you. The vendor offers cloud-based, easy-to-use, cost-effective products and services that come with an assortment of features like geofence, route and fuel optimization, quick recovery, and more to improve the performance of your fleet at no additional cost.

For a monthly subscription of $23.95, you get the fleet tracking device for free. There is no contract or activation fee. You may have to pay extra for installation.

Reasons to choose GPSTrackit Fleet Tracking Solution
  • Accurate Real-time vehicle location data
  • Driver, time, route, and fuel management
  • Android and iOS compatible apps (portable tracking)
  • Asset protection and quick recovery
  • No contracts and lower monthly prices

Samsara Fleet Tracking

For fleet requirements like driver assistance systems, fuel monitoring, routing and deployment, duration on-site, mobile app, and ELD-compliance, then Samsara Fleet tracking is what you need.

Samsara GPS devices for the fleet offer an all-inclusive telematics strategy that provides valuable business insights assisting in cost optimization. With the help of these data points and related reports, fleet managers get a bird’s eye view into their overall business.

Samsara fleet tracking solution works best for fleets with more than three vehicles. The cost of each fleet tracker is $100, and the monthly subscription starts at $30.

Reasons To Choose Samsara Tracking Solutions 
  • Real-time vehicle location tracking
  • Personalized FMS solution
  • Integrated AI-powered platform
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Reporting and workflows and data security
  • Asset, driver, and vehicle management
  • Safe Zones

Verizon Connect Fleet Tracking

Verizon Connect offers a global fleet solution, best for companies that do business internationally. The features include real-time location, burglary alerts, warehousing, dispatch management, ELD, and IFTA compliance. Apart from these regular features, the vendor offers premium services like executing cost analyses and enhancing unproductive operations to attain optimal performance. Verizon is best suited for large fleets and helps them manage their operations efficiently.

Verizon Connect fleet tracking devices cost more than their competitors due to high-end features. A single device could cost $50-$250 based on the features you choose to customize. Similarly, the subscription also varies. The more add-on services you opt for, the more monthly fee you will need to pay.

Reason To Choose Verizon Connect Fleet tracking Solution
  • Geofence function
  • GPS-enabled ELD for compliance
  • Custom-made dashboard
  • Engine statistics and status
  • Real-time vehicle location tracking (with live maps)
  • Roadside assistance of commercial vehicle
  • Vehicle diagnostics and maintenance
  • Monitor driver behavior

Azuga Fleet Tracking

Azuga offers GPS-enabled tracking solutions best suited to small and medium-sized fleets. If you prioritize the security and stability of your drivers, vehicles, and assets, Azuga is a good fit for you. The solutions give insights on location, driving behavior, driver working hours, and other information.

You do not have to pay any upfront device cost. Azuga offers three plans: – simple, secure, and complete – all of which come with dual-facing dashcams for free. The simple fleet tracking subscription plan is available for $22.99 per month. However, this fee does not include charges for ELD or any additional service.

Reasons To Choose Azuga Tracking Solution 
  • Installation and usage are easy
  • Driver safety and management
  • Real-time location data
  • Custom alerts and notification
  • Safety-oriented solution
  • Integrated dashcam
  • Exclusive fuel card

Teletrac Navman Fleet Tracking

With clients spread around several countries like the United States, Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, Teletrac Navman is the best world-class fleet management solution. They offer an AI-powered solution that boosts workflow management, thereby increasing productivity. You get accurate and reliable analytic updates, allowing you to monitor vehicle maintenance and real-time location, and avoid theft, costly repairs, and replacements.

The cost of Teletrac Navman is not known. However, their lowest monthly subscription starts from $35.

Reasons To Choose Teletrac Navman
  • AI-powered, cloud-based telematics
  • Real-time tracking
  • Instant alerts, notifications, and reports
  • Driver Training and vehicle maintenance
  • Quick customer support
  • Plug-n-Play and hardwired devices
  • Hardwired devices

Nextraq Fleet Tracking

NexTraq ‘s biggest USP is flexible contracts that cover both compliance and safety. Along with all the regular fleet tracking features, you also get drivers’ scorecards, behavior notifications, engine diagnosis tests, and proactive maintenance. This fleet tracking solution integrates ELD and DVIR compliance features, ensuring strict adherence to regulation and an extra safety blanket for all the drivers. And with all the data the system collects, you can access the resources and utilize them to the maximum capacity.

NexTraq has a unique pricing plan that varies based on the size of the fleet, features you opt for, and how long your contract with them is.

Reasons To Choose NexTraq Fleet Tracking Solution
  • Monitors driver behavior
  • ELD compliance
  • Vehicle location tracking
  • Maintenance
  • Job scheduling and routing
  • Fuel management and optimization

GoMotive Fleet Tracking

Go motive, formerly known as KeepTruckin, is an integrated fleet tracking solution that provides you complete visibility over your asset’s location, utilization, and heath. It is comprehensive software that allows you to manage vehicles, assets, drivers, and equipment of your fleet all in one place.

It provides you with AI-powered applications to automate tracking, improve driver safety, support ELD compliance, and more.

You can improve driver safety in your fleet with the help of its leading AI dashcam and automated driver coaching. With the help of our FMCSA registered ELD, you can enjoy easy compliance with the ELD rule.

With its integrated and user-friendly dashboard, you can have different fleet information in one place such as driver location, their performance, hours of service, safety issue, fuel consumption, vehicle service history, maintenance reminder, etc.

Reasons to choose GoMotive Fleet Tracking Solution
  • Reliable fleet tracking
  • AI-powered dashcam
  • Customized reports
  • Easy installation with detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Improved driver safety
  • Integrated and user-friendly dashboard
  • Fuel consumption
  • Preventive maintenance schedules reminders

Geotab Fleet Tracking

Geotab is one of the leading commercial telematics providers. It provides a comprehensive fleet tracking system that can help you to improve every aspect of your business operation including productivity, fleet optimization, sustainability, safety, expandability, and compliance.

It is an ideal solution for fleets of different sizes and industries. With the help of the Geotab fleet tracking solution, you can gain power inside your feet to make imperative decisions. It can help you to improve drivers’ safety, and customer satisfaction, streamline vehicle maintenance, and more.

Reasons To Choose Geotab Fleet Tracking Solution
  • Advanced reporting
  • Driver behavior management
  • Robust engine data reporting
  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • Route optimization
  • Engine health and maintenance
  • Open data integration
  • Custom mapping
  • Device agnostic software

Omnitrac Fleet Tracking

Omnitrac is one of the oldest fleet management and tracking solution providers. It offers SaaS-based fleet tracking solutions to improve reliability, route management, safety, compliance, and overall productivity of a fleet.

Omnitrac fleet tracking solution is a comprehensive solution that enables drivers, managers, owners, and dispatches to manage their work on one integrated platform. It comes with a customizable dashboard that can allow you to perform different functions such as monitoring fuel consumption, route optimization, drivers safety, business performance, etc.

It also provides you with a detailed report to you regarding drivers driving behavior, vehicle health and maintenance fuel performance, and more to provide you with a brief overview of your fleet and its assets. So you can use this data to make good decisions for your fleet’s success.

Reasons To Choose Omnitrac Fleet Tracking Solution
  • Easy installation
  • Intelligent reporting and business analytics tools
  • Detailed reports
  • Automated driver messaging tool
  • Compliance-related information such as HoS, IFTA, DVIR, etc.
  • Video-based safety
  • Routing and dispatch management

Now that you know what these fleet tracking solutions can offer you, let us know which one you chose in the comments below.

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