10 Legal Ways to Make Money with Bitcoin in 2021

Bitcoin has gained popularity as the best alternative to fiat currency. Individuals and companies are investing in this digital currency because they want to earn quick profits. Besides investing in Bitcoin, multiple ways exist through which you can make money through virtual currency.

Are you a beginner in Bitcoin and want to know different ways of making money with digital currency? If your response is yes, please continue reading to enlighten yourself on the proper ways you can earn income with Bitcoin in 2021.

Lending Bitcoin

If you have extra Bitcoin tokens, you can lend them and earn interest. Multiple platforms exist that accept Bitcoin loans. Furthermore, you can offer Bitcoin credit to specific individuals who are willing to pay back with interest. Because Bitcoin credit has an extremely high risk, the lenders charge a high interest of up to 15% per annum.

Remember, in most cases, there is no collateral security to guarantee such loans, hence the high-interest rates. Before deciding the platforms to lend your tokens to, it’s essential to go through their reviews to discover what the past clients say. That way, you can select a platform that mitigates risks to avoid losing your coins.

Shopping Bonuses

While doing your usual shopping online, you can get free rewards. Therefore, before you engage in shopping, it’s advisable to find out the companies that offer bonuses for clients using Bitcoin. You can simplify the process of earning your rewards by downloading an extension to your browser that you can use to find out various brands that offer rewards.

In the US, for example, a well-known shopping reward company is Lolli that offers clients 30% Bitcoin cashback bonuses. While shopping in the UK, find out what CoinCorner can offer you as it supports specific brands like Vodafone and O2.

Interest-bearing account

If you own Bitcoin tokens, you can deposit them in an account that attracts interest. And this is an excellent passive technique of earning from Bitcoin rather than having your coins lying in your crypto wallet. Various companies offer interest-bearing Bitcoin accounts, and you can easily shop around for the best deals.

Some famous brands on this front include BlockFi, Nexo, and Celsius Network. Many firms that offer Bitcoin credits also let clients lend out their tokens for interest. Therefore, if you don’t require cash, you can deposit your tokens in these accounts for interest. This approach enables you to earn money on your coins instead of leaving them lying in your wallet.

Small earnings

Do you have any spare time on your hands? You can spend that time making Bitcoin money by performing simple tasks such as faucets and PTC. If you opt to focus on this technique, you should dedicate most of your time to performing these tasks. There are specific websites that you can visit and do pay-to-click (PTC).

The PTC sites allow you to click on an advert or button and earn some money from advert sales. As a result of your actions, you have earned some tokens. To make good money from calls, it is advisable to do research to find sites that can pay well. In addition to PTC, you can perform tasks like micro-survey, captcha, etc.

Although you can earn some little income by performing multiple faucet tasks, you can earn more money by creating your faucet site and sell crypto ads there. The amount you can make on your website will depend on the type of advertisers you’re using and the number of visitors that come to your site.

Like any business, you need the initial capital to set up your faucet website and dedicate some time and effort to ensure that your venture succeeds. Some of the Bitcoin tasks available on faucet websites include:

  • Watching of videos
  • Testing of Bitcoin apps
  • Viewing of adverts

Bitcoin Trading

If you’ve got a higher appetite for risk, you can earn good money from Bitcoin by trading it.  Here, you buy the digital currency when its price is low and sell it once the value spikes. You can only succeed in this strategy if you dedicate a larger amount of your time to learning. Through the research and learning procedure, you’ll discover the dangers that come with Bitcoin trading and how to overcome them.

Luckily, if you lack time to trade, https://www.immediatebitcoin.io/ can help you by giving you a wide range of Bitcoin trading solutions. A successful trader understands that while trading, they may lose money. Such traders look at short-term losses as part of the learning process in their journey of Bitcoin investment. Successful traders will always look at the long-term gains of investing in cryptocurrency.

Additionally, you should develop a higher appetite for reading Bitcoin news and educative pieces from credible sources and websites. While reading the news, look at Bitcoin price trends and pay attention to what the industry authorities say about the future of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

There are many Bitcoin affiliate programs you can engage in and earn money if you manage to get paying clients. You can check out what Bitcoin exchanges, products, and services offer as regards affiliate marketing.

Once you decide the BTC business you want to promote, you’re given a unique link to market the products or services. You can market the affiliate link in various ways, including using social media, running an advertising marketing campaign on multiple websites, and creating your site to promote the link.

Before you venture into affiliate programs, it’s critical to equip yourself with info by investing in learning. You can also visit affiliate sites to understand how they conduct their programs.

Bitcoin Mining

If you have the appropriate expertise, skills, and experience, you can make massive amounts of money through Bitcoin mining. Many used to regard Bitcoin mining as a hobby at the initial stages, but lately, it’s viewed as a lucrative profession. You can only get a breakthrough in the BTC mining subsector if you invest in expensive mining tools, shoulder the high power bills, and have enough space to keep your miners.

As an investor in Bitcoin mining, you need to understand how to mint the tokens by solving mathematical problems. Once you solve the maths problems successfully, you’re rewarded with Bitcoin tokens. If you’re quick in solving these problems, you can earn a lot of money within a short time. 

Writing about Bitcoin

Do you have a knack for words and are passionate about Bitcoin? If your answer is positive, then you can venture into Bitcoin writing to earn money. Because the cryptocurrency market is new, writers can provide educative information about the sector.

Many digital currency sites need the information to engage and educate their visitors. Therefore, writers can offer their services to these platforms in exchange for money. The writing sites can hire you to write blogs, articles, whitepapers, and e-Books for them. You don’t need to open a big and expensive office in town to venture into Bitcoin writing. With a computer and a reliable network, you’re good to go even from the comfort of your home.

If you’re talented in crafting crypto pieces, you can promote yourself through the writing marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork. Before approaching these markets, it’s critical to have some writing samples which prospective clients may demand before giving you work.

Gambling at Bitcoin Casinos

Another risky method of making money from Bitcoin is gambling your tokens in at Bitcoin casinos. Multiple Bitcoin gambling casinos exist in the market. It’s, therefore, critical to do some evaluation on some of these sites before choosing the legit ones. Remember, many scammers exist in online spaces.

While gambling your tokens on these sites, it’s important to know that you can only succeed through sheer luck and avoid staking all your tokens. Suffice it to say that you can only gamble what you’re ready to lose. Also, ensure that the casino you use is fair by assessing its house hedge and the technology it uses. The casino should also have an inspection certificate from market regulators.

Selling of Bitcoin Related products and services

You can also earn money from Bitcoin by offering services and products related to digital currency.  While some services require some professional knowledge, others are just simple tasks that anybody can accomplish. The Bitcoin sector’s available services include website development, online promotions, being an escrow agent for Bitcoin settlements.

Demanding Bitcoin Forks and airdrops

The idea of ‘Bitcoin forking’ implies that holders of Bitcoin can claim a share of Bitcoin clones if they hold BTC before creating the clone. Different forks have emerged from Bitcoin, such as Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Diamond, and Bitcoin Gold.

Final Thoughts

We have explored multiple methods you can make money from Bitcoin. After all, is said and done, you’re the one to choose the best method that can meet your needs and expectations. Also, remember each of the methods mentioned above has its strengths and weaknesses. So it’s essential to review each of them to pick the best.

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