10 Major Advantages Of Installing Outdoor Security Cameras In Your Home

Cameras are an icon for security, whether for good or for ill. Everyone knows the feeling of looking up from the middle of a mall parking lot to see a stack of two to eight security cameras watching over every inch of that parking lot from every angle. But they work different in homes.

Security cameras in homes do not record constantly. And while businesses need to tell you that you are being surveilled, homes do not need to tell you any such thing. But why get a security camera system? What does it provide for you? That is what we are going to explore today.

So, let’s talk about the top 10 advantages that you can get out of installing security cameras.

Reducing Liability

Let’s start with the broadest advantage of security cameras: Lowered liability. Liability is a term used by insurance companies to describe how vulnerable your home is to damage. A home with greater liability is more liable to be damaged in a way that the insurance company has to cover.

Setting up security cameras increases your chances of determining the cause of damages, meaning that the perpetrator of those damages will have to cover them instead of the insurance company. That will lower your insurance rates by a lot.

Increased Home Value

This goes hand in hand with reduced liability. While most security systems get sold with the house, cameras can be taken with you when you sell it. However, if you choose not to take them with you, they can provide a huge boost in the value of the home.

It basically boils down to the same reason as before: Lowered liability makes the house easier to insure. But on top of that, the cameras already being there and installed is valuable too.

Deters Crime

We mentioned that you do not have to notify people that they are being surveilled near your home. Well, you don’t have to. But it can be a great deterrent for you to do so anyways.

Criminals know that if they get caught on camera, it is all over for them. For this reason, they will avoid any home with security cameras like the plague. But more than that, they will only respect that sign if you actually have the cameras to back it up.

Gives You Evidence of Crimes

This one is what most people get cameras for. Whether it is damage to your home or evidence of a specific person perpetrating a break-in, outdoor security cameras will let you see exactly what transpired when a crime was committed on your property.

Helps You Plan Your Security

Maybe your home was broken into, maybe it was a close call, or maybe you just spotted something out of place. But seeing your home through the eyes of a security camera can help give you an idea of where there are weaknesses in your security.

The most common example of this is when people view their backyard and realize that there is a clearly accessible window with no lock and weak glass right next to their reinforced door.

Helps You Watch Kids

People tend to overlook this advantage, but we probably have every busy dad and tired mother raising their eyebrows at the possibilities this offers. Security cameras can be used like high-tech baby monitors. Rather than just watching a child when they sleep, they can watch them while they are playing outside or even home alone if they are old enough for that.

Helps You Watch Pets

And for the same reasons, security cameras are a good way of looking at what your pets are getting up to while you are away. This can be great for figuring out if your pets are causing damage or putting themselves in danger or doing those things to your neighbors.

And of course, if your neighbors’ pets are finding their way into your home or onto your property, then a security camera system is a good way to spot that. Pets can cause damage, and if you do not have pets and do not want those damages then you need to prove they are happening.

Connects to Your Phone

A lot of newer security cameras come with the ability to connect to a phone app. It might be necessary in some cases, as phone apps are the easiest way for many companies to implement control over their products. But either way, this is also the preferred way to control them.

The reason is that it means your cameras can be monitored remotely no matter where you are. If a motion sensor is triggered, then the camera will turn on and the app will send you a notification. This allows you to watch what the camera is viewing and respond to it.

Interfaces with Other Security Features

Not every security camera can do this, but many can actually act as motion sensors. Their motion sensing capabilities are not as refined as dedicated motion sensors, but they can be good enough to activate an alarm or at least trigger a warning.

Can Confirm or Resolve Danger

On a related note, you might be anxious about calling the police if an alarm is triggered or a motion sensor picks up motion. After all, what if it is a false alarm? Security cameras are great for telling you whether an alarm is justified or not and can even be used as evidence.

Simply check your camera app when the alarm is triggered, and you will see whether the alarm was triggered by mistake or by someone invading your home.


A lot of technology these days creates as many problems as it solves. But security cameras, alarms, and the motion sensors that enable them are iconic pieces of security technology for a reason: They solve far more problems than they create.

Outdoor cameras for home are a great way to keep your home safe.

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