10 Tips for Successfully Running an Online Pet Store

Running an online pet store can be a lot of fun, but without proper planning, it can also be a disaster. In general, the more time you put into preparation and brainstorming, the better your chances of entrepreneurial success. If you have recently decided to open an online pet store, take some time to think about what your next steps should be. These tips can help.

 1. Establish a Business Plan

As soon as you start getting serious about opening a business, you should start working on a business plan. This critical document will contain everything from your company’s mission to employment structure and everything in between. Whether you are trying to request funding or choose the right POS software such as eTailPet, having a business plan can provide you with some direction.

2. Find a Distinct Niche

One thing that sets online pet stores apart from the big general stores is that they can offer products and services that are not readily available in other stores. For example, smaller pet stores often have a wider variety of specialty pet foods for various dietary needs. Think about ways you can narrow down your store’s focus.

3. Do Your Research

Pet parents are becoming increasingly interested in the ingredients of products they buy as more and more people see household pets as furry family members. With this in mind, doing your research is essential if you want your online pet store to be a success. Spend time learning about all the products you offer, and try creating a discount At the end of the day, customers want to make purchases from pet stores where employees are knowledgeable about products

4. Become a Small Business Marketing Pro

No matter what industry your online business is in, learning the ins and outs of marketing is necessary if you want your business to do well. You can have the best website in the world, and if no one knows it exists, what is the point of having it? Marketing gives you the chance to get the word out about your company and what you have to offer. In many cases, you can learn more about small business marketing through a wide selection of online educational resources.

5. Establish Your Brand

Speaking of getting the word out, another essential factor to think about is how you want customers and potential customers to perceive your brand. As you begin creating web content and interacting with customers when they make a purchase, you will be able to further establish your company’s brand. Be patient and work hard. Do not be afraid to network.

6. Ask for Customer Feedback

Without customers, an online business would be nothing. For this reason, you should always keep your customers at the top of your mind. One excellent way to do this is by regularly asking for customer feedback after every purchase or through an email newsletter. When a customer does offer his or her input, make an effort to listen.

7. Have the Right Equipment and Supplies

Although having an online pet store requires fewer types of equipment and supplies than many other companies, there are still some essentials to remember. For example, inventory organizing and sales processing require high-quality POS software whereas in-house delivery services need a moving van.

8. Create a Return Policy

Having a return policy can create some complexities for a business, but the payoff is often worth it. In a world where giants such as Amazon and Walmart offer super simple returns for nearly any reason, having at least some type of insurance in place can be smart. With this tip, the main focus is on the customer and his or her needs. 

9. Hold Monthly Pet Contests

If you want to make your online store more fun, try holding a monthly pet photo contest for employees and customers to participate in. As a pet store, you have a lot of room for fun and flexibility. Give your online shop a welcoming community vibe by getting everyone involved in the monthly contests. 

10. Get Proper Licenses

Depending on your location and the products that you intend to sell in your online pet store, you may need to apply for certain licenses. Contact your local government for more direction on how to proceed with licensure. In general, pet stores that sell medications, specialty foods and live pets run into licensing requirements, however, there may be other licensing if you have applicable local laws, too.

Make sure the launch of your online pet store is a success by planning ahead. Use these tips to help.

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