10 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Smartphone Battery

Many users think that keeping their phones charged is the best way to extend their lifespan. However, it is not always true, especially if you like to leave your phone on charge overnight. The battery is the most important component in a smartphone because if the battery is not working, the phone will not be able to function right. What can you do to avoid problems with shortened battery life?

With proper care and attention to your smartphone, you can be sure that its battery will last longer. Below you will find 10 tips that are guaranteed to increase the battery life of your smartphone. However, everything is quite simple, so you will not have problems implementing them. Check out the tips below. 

Top 10 Tips on How to Extend the Life of Your Smartphone Battery

So what can you do to extend the life of your battery? There are a few tips to help you do it and avoid some other issues as well. For example, if you are wondering how to charge a phone with a broken charger port, then you can find expert guidelines on Howly official website. In such a case, it is also vital to do everything to increase the battery life of your device. 

So, let’s get back to the question of how you can extend battery life. With the help of these simple tips, you can forget about many problems and increase the performance of your smartphone.

Don’t Charge Your Phone All Night

Many users put their smartphones on charge for the whole night. However, this may adversely affect the performance of your device. During the standby mode, namely, after the battery charge is 100%, it will still receive an additional portion of energy. Moreover, many experts say that it is better to charge your smartphone up to 90% in order to preserve the life of your battery.

Update Software on Time

If you put off updating your device, then you are undoubtedly doing more harm to your smartphone than good. iPhone and Android manufacturers release updates to improve the user experience and keep your phone running smoothly. These upgrades also have additional benefits. In fact, if your device has a weak battery or other issues, these software updates can fix them. So, there is no point in ignoring phone manufacturer updates.

Don’t Keep Your Phone Charging Constantly

When you leave your smartphone after it is fully charged, it may damage the battery. Smartphones have a battery recharge lock, but when you keep your phone on charge, the device begins to consume battery power. When it consumes power, this process activates the charge cycle again and again. This eventually leads to excess heat, which damages the battery.

Don’t Leave Your Phone in Bed or Under Your Pillow

Many of us have a bad habit of putting our smartphones under a pillow at night. This is another guaranteed way to shorten battery life by building up heat. Not only that, there are people who put the phone under the pillow when the device is connected to charge. This is unsafe as it increases the risk of fire.

Avoid Smartphone Heating or Hypothermia

Extreme heat or extreme cold temperatures and other adverse weather conditions can shorten the life of your phone. Excess heat can cause any smartphone to malfunction, ranging from data loss to battery damage. Cold weather can also bring a lot of problems. At low temperatures, some smartphones turn off, have display problems, or run out of battery quickly.

Turn Down the Screen Brightness of Your Smartphone

To protect your battery from rapid draining and prolong battery life, make sure you enable adaptive display brightness in your phone settings. This setting means that your phone will automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the environment. As a bonus, you can also increase battery life, set the brightness level on your smartphone to the lowest possible value, and also reduce the screen timeout.

Analyze All Apps

Some apps may consume more power than others. Accordingly, they can consume more smartphone energy. Among such apps, many experts point out Snapchat, Google Maps, Netflix, and Amazon. Therefore, if you are not an active user of such tools, then it may be worth deleting them or at least completely closing them if you are not using them.

Check All Permissions

Typically, apps like Google need to know your location but many other apps may not need such permission. However, at the time of their installation, users give such apps permission to determine the geolocation of their smartphones.

There is a need to pay attention to which apps you need to give such permissions. Therefore, it is worth closing such permissions if you think that they do not need to determine your location. This will allow you to increase the battery life of your phone.

Close Apps You Don’t Use

Apps that are not in use can drain battery life on both iPhone and Android phones. If you open the app once and never use it again, it might still be running in the background. Uninstalling apps, you don’t use or no longer need is a simple solution. What to do? There is a need to regularly close apps from your phone’s RAM, as well as delete unnecessary ones. This will also help free up valuable storage space.

Don’t Use Vibrate Mode for Notifications

Your phone, like any other tool or device, loses its effectiveness the more you use it. Small additions like turning on the vibration on notifications make it harder for your mobile phone to work. Using vibration wears out the phone’s battery faster because it requires additional energy. As a result, the battery will drain faster. Accordingly, your phone is constantly working at full capacity when it is not needed.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are many simple tips that you can use to increase the life of your device. Use all the above tips to save battery life and not worry about your smartphone starting to run out quickly or failing to charge. It is so easy!

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