10 Ways to Improve Your Productivity with Office 2016 Professional

Microsoft Office is by far the best productivity suite available, and it boasts of more collaboration features included in this latest version. If you previously used the 2013 version, you will not require any training to use the Office 2016 Professional. Also, new features are smoothly slotted in with the old ones.

According to the word on the street, Microsoft intends for the 2016 version to be the only productivity suite you will require. In this article, we tell you 10 ways the Office 2016 professional suite improves your productivity.

1. It Offers More Efficient Email

For years, mail clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and Hotmail, among others, have included spam filtering features that can separate legit messages from junk mail. Still, many of the so-called legitimate emails don’t qualify for immediate attention.

Outlook 2016 has a feature called Clutter that separates vital emails from those unimportant ones. This allows you to focus on the most important things only. Office 2016 professional plus moves messages that it deems less urgent or frivolous to the Clutter folder. Here, you can check them out later at your convenience. Also, Clutter will be more effective over time about the messages that you remove from it back to your inbox. It will also take note of the deleted emails from your inbox that you don’t even open.

2. Real-time Collaboration

For a long time, Microsoft Office has lacked the real-time collaboration ability, also known as co-authoring. Microsoft Office Professional Plus enables co-authoring both in PowerPoint and Word, which lets more than one individual edit a document or a presentation simultaneously. This is possible even if they use different operating systems or devices. Also included in Microsoft Word is the ability for collaborators to see in real-time where others are editing the document.

3. OneNote notebook sharing

One of the best applications of Microsoft Office is OneNote. Sadly, this program is rarely appreciated. Office 2016 Professional lets you share as OneNote notebook with a countless number of people.

Also, since this application works with images, worksheets, texts, and emails among other documents, it can be a vital resource for teas that work on a project. They just need to understand how to use it.

4. It Simplifies Document Sharing

Office 2016 Professional Plus includes a Share button that helps to simplify the process of document-sharing. To find this feature, look at the upper-right end of your Office apps. When you click this button, you will get one-click access that enables you to share a particular document with anybody in your list of contacts. You can do this without even leaving the document.

5. Sway

Sway isn’t necessarily a new application. Nonetheless, Microsoft has added it into Office 2016 suite. It combines Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote elements to create a more efficient and easier method of coming up with more engaging presentations.

The application remains a Windows 10 app that must be downloaded from the Windows Store.  Also, it’s available for iPad, iPhone, and also from Office Online.

6. Smart attachments

Most of our office work involves sending email attachments. Therefore, you find that you need to send these attachments quite regularly, even several times a day. The previous Office versions required that you go to the location you stored the document to add attachments to an email. Although this is still possible in Office 2016 Professional, if you want to attach a document that you edited recently, it shows this up there in Outlook in a shareable documents list.

7. Delve

When you purchase an Office 365 subscription, another tool you get is Delve. It can best be described as a central place that enables you to access everything you’ve created, shared with others, or even collaborated on through Office 2016. It’s like a recently worked on list, but the difference is that this list resides in the cloud. It means you will be able to access it anywhere you are and using whatever device you have. You only need to log onto the Office 365 Portal.

8. New charts in Excel

An Excel chart gives users a powerful way to visualize data, and it’s always been a welcome feature. However, previous types of charts cried out for an update. With Office 2016, users will find several new types of charts added to the templates lists. One of these chart types is Waterfall, which works great for those who are into tracking the stock market. Also, you will find other new types of charts like Pareto, Histogram, Whisker, Sunburst, and Treemap.

9. Smart Lookup

This feature enables you to quickly and easily access several types of information about a phrase or a word. Previous Microsoft Office versions required users to right-click a highlighted word to find its synonyms. However, with the Smart Lookup feature, this capability is even more enhanced. It gives you a more detailed meaning of the phrase or word, and you only need to highlight it. You will even find related Wikipedia entries for it.

10. Power BI

Between releasing Office 2013 and Office 2016, Microsoft dedicated a large number of resources and time to acquire relevant technologies that would streamline its analytical applications and business intelligence.

Power BI is one powerful analytical tool that you can now find at no additional cost when you purchase an Office 365 subscription. It enables you to know every vital detail regarding how your business runs. Power BI essentially brings it all together.

11. Better version history

Creativity and collaboration can sometimes be messy, given that shared docs can change quite drastically over time. The Office 2016 version makes up for likely lost ideas by ensuring that past document versions are kept and availed straight from Office applications. You can find this in the File menu under the ‘History’ section.


If you are wondering whether you should upgrade to Office 2016, there are plenty of reasons to do so. But first, you need to purchase the Office 2016 suite from an approved Microsoft Office partner. For instance, BeekTrade offers legally checked software that’s certified. You also get the product key in your email. Lastly, users will have step-by-step instructions on how to use Office 2016.

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