10 Ways To Use Neon Signs in Interior Design

Neon signs have emerged as a hot trend for injecting vibrant, artistic flair into residential and commercial interior spaces. As neon sign makers increasingly provide customized fabrication services, interior designers now have free rein to imaginatively incorporate neon lights to match any decor style or theme. With endless options for bespoke neon art pieces, fixtures, signage, and more, the possibilities are boundless for how tailored neon creations can lend modern interiors added warmth, personality, and intrigue.

This article explores 10 creative applications for using custom neon signs to make interior spaces pop. Read on for inspiration on how customized neon artisanship can infuse style into your next interior design or renovation project.

 Way #1 – Wall Quote Signs

One way to use neon signs is to display inspirational quotes, lyrics, or mantras as feel-good wall art. A neon sign with a favorite phrase, song verse, or motivational quote injects cheer into living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and more. Companies like King Signs Miami craft completely customizable neon wall signs in varied shapes, fonts, and colors to match spaces.

Way #2 – Bar & Restaurant Signage

Spice up entertainment venues like home bars, wineries, or restaurants with custom neon drink logos, cheeky bar slogans, or abstract motifs. Custom neon bar signs introducing vibrant flair reinforce theming. For example, Lock & Worth whiskey bar has an iconic old-timey custom neon signs outlining liquor bottles and their name in looping cursive — fusing decoration and branding.

Way #3 – Retail Branding

 Incorporate custom neon into retail outlets or restaurants to interactively blend branding with engaging artistry. Signature logos, vibrant icons related to your business, and abstract custom neon designs make eye-grabbing focal points in storefront windows, over service counters, or on merchandise displays.

Way #4 – Sculptural Art Pieces

Make a dramatic statement by installing a custom neon light sculpture or wireframe graphic image as a signature decorative element. Skilled neon-bending artists shape tubes into multifaceted sculptures, floral designs, landscape silhouettes, and other multidimensional art forms.

Way #5 – Architectural Accents

Developers and architects should consider introducing custom neon into residential and commercial spaces by framing doorway entrances with neon molding, incorporating logo signage onto walls and ceilings, and commissioning neon light fixtures or art installations for lobbies and common areas.

Way #6 – Backyard Neon Décor

Neon Signs bring cheerful vibrancy to outdoor home spaces. Adorn patio seating areas with neon signs featuring cheeky bar slogans, fun phrases like “Let the Good Times Roll”, or plant names complementing your landscaping. Line pool fences or garden pathways with creative custom neon plant stakes accented by LED lights for whimsical flair. These personalized touches amplify backyard themes and personalities.

Way #7 – Kids’ Room Neon Signs

Make kids and teens beam by incorporating custom neon signs featuring their names, initials, or fun icons like hearts into their bedrooms. Neon craft specialists allow choosing from hundreds of fonts, colors, and effects to design the perfect customized neon bedroom sign tailored to your hobbies and passions. A custom neon signswith your child’s name makes them feel extra special.

Way #8 – Song Lyric & Poetry Wall Art

One novel way to decorate with neon is by displaying custom neon song lyrics, favorite poem excerpts, or inspirational quotes as wall art. Services artfully craft special verses into LED neon signs sized as wall accents or full murals. Picture a neon sign emblazoned with the chorus to a beloved wedding song, a child’s meaningful quote, or a line from a favorite literary work above the living room couch.

Way #9 – Vintage-Inspired Neon Clocks

Neon clock signs also intermix function and décor. Rather than displaying digital numbers, custom neon clocks feature imaginatively shaped numeral designs giving off ambient retro glows. Display oversized vintage-inspired neon clocks as singular statement art pieces. For more functional applications, mount customizable neon clock signs on kitchen, bar, or office walls.

 Way #10 – Building Exterior Neon Signage

Finally, consider complementing building exteriors by mounting exterior-facing custom neon signage. Residential neon signage provides alluring curb appeal and visual interest to neighborhood homes. Commercial spaces make unforgettable bold first impressions using exterior custom neon signage for branding, creativity, and intrigue. Colored neon signage especially pops against brick, stone, or wood exteriors.

For the highest quality custom neon signs for interior design or external spaces, trust the artisans at King Signs Miami. They expertly design and fabricate one-of-a-kind custom neon signs tailored to your creative vision, venue, and decor. Contact King Signs Miami today for a consultation on your neon signage needs.