10 Ways to Use Messenger Marketing for Business

Messenger marketing may seem to be a challenging thing. However, it can be quite effective for your business growth if you understand what it is and how it works. If you wish to find out 10 great ways to use this tool for your success, then keep reading this article.

Basic Information on Messenger Marketing 

Messenger marketing is all about using chat apps to connect with potential and existing customers for promoting and supporting your business. It can be used in various social networks and messengers, such as Facebook, Telegram, and others.

Messenger marketing allows business owners to subscribe people to marketing campaigns via a messaging app. This is done with the help of widgets launched on their websites. A user sees a widget and clicks it to get subscribed. Further down the road, this allows a business owner to send him or her messages, which include different types of content, such as texts, images, videos, or anything else.

One of the best things that distinguish messenger marketing from other advertising and marketing tools is that you can communicate with users via live chat. This is how you establish a relationship with potential customers and increase the retention rate.

As for the effectiveness of messenger marketing, 61% of businesses have reported an increase in traffic, according to data at Statista. Using messaging apps to promote your business is a less difficult and expensive way than many other modern marketing techniques.

What Are the Main Benefits of Using Chatbots?

A chatbot (a bot) is messaging software employing AI to communicate with people. It is programmed to understand questions and give relevant answers. You can integrate it into your messenger market campaign.

The following are the main advantages of using chatbots:

  • saving lots of time for your staff to focus on other problems;
  • around-the-clock availability;
  • allowing your customers to instantly access basic information.

If you wish to start using messenger marketing, it is recommended to do that on Facebook. Over 1.3 billion people embrace this platform, which means that it is a great option for lead generation and conversion rate improvement.

Customer service chatbot

How Can You Use Messenger Marketing for Your Business 

Below, you will find 10 effective ways to boost your business growth with messenger marketing.

#1 — Delivering Important and Useful Content

There are various ways to deliver content to your users, for example, email. However, using messengers may be a worthy alternative. This is how you can quickly inform your users about special offers, new products, and more. According to several studies, delivering content via messengers is more effective than via email.

#2 — Helping Your Potential and Existing Customers to Catch Information 

Why cannot I just publish it on my Facebook page? Is that what you are thinking about? Yes, you certainly can, but sending this information via a messenger makes it more personal.

When people see some content in news feeds or stories, they think that it is for everyone and not necessarily relevant to them. However, getting such a message makes the user-pay special attention to it.

#3 — Notifying Users about Events

Are you planning on something special that your followers may be interested in? A great way to notify them is via a message. It will be taken as a personal invitation, which increases the chances of the person to come. Also, you can send helpful reminders about the event just to make sure that it will be visited by as many people as possible.

#4 — Generating Quality Leads

While many businesses have already tried and come to love messenger marketing, it is still considered a relatively new tool. This means that it is a nice way to attract the attention of users and generate quality leads.

Currently, the response rate that business owners get thanks to Facebook Messenger is quite high. So, the earlier you start your messenger marketing campaign, the better results you will enjoy.

#5 — Engaging and Re-Engaging Potential Customers

You can engage people in conversation in either of two ways:

  1. Click-to-messenger ads. You can create an ad by clicking on which a user is taken to a messenger for further conversation.
  2. Sponsored messages. You can use them to contact those who have previous chats with you via Facebook Messenger.

The first way is a great option to find new customers who have never heard of you before. As for the second one, it is effective to catch the attention of those who have shown interest in your product or service earlier.

#6 — Personally Reaching Your Target Audience 

The saturation of the Facebook platform with various types of ads is quite high. To show a unique approach, you can reach your customers “face-to-face” through messenger ads. Your ads will appear in their messenger app, and by clicking on them, the customers will be taken to either a landing page of your site or a conversation in the messenger.

#7 — Providing Prompt Customer Support

No need to explain the importance of quick and helpful customer support. If you wish to please your users with great customer care, then doing that via Facebook Messenger would be a good choice. It is an instant way for customers to ask questions and solve issues.

According to one study conducted by Facebook, 56% of users reported giving preference to using a live chat option over calling to a phone number.

#8 — Building Brand Awareness

Increasing brand awareness has always been an important task. Using messenger marketing is a fair opportunity to let people know about your brand. Remember to make the best impression by greeting the audience and providing it with short, clear, and interesting info.

#9 — Collecting Info from Your Users 

You can create engaging quizzes or just ask a few questions to collect information from users for availing of it in the future. Doing that through a messenger app will be much more effective. Remember to come up with the right questions and to analyze the obtained data properly.

#10 — Reminding about Abandoned Shopping Cart

Are there shopping carts on your website that have never been taken to the final stage? It is not a rare case since more than 75% of users all over the world do that.

By reaching your customers via messengers, you can remind them of purchases put on hold. And you know what? According to one study, you can convince 13%-20% of users to complete the action – all thanks to messengers.

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