11 Facebook Ads Campaign Objectives and When to Use Them

Facebook is one, if not the most, utilized social media platform nowadays. Almost every person owning a smartphone is most likely to be on Facebook. That is why many business owners and entrepreneurs are using this platform to advertise their products or services. 

In an article published by statista.com, 93% of marketers uses Facebook as a marketing tool for their business. Making it the most popular marketing network that caters to small to big enterprises. It soared during the pandemic infliction since people were encouraged to stay home. It is due to heightened protocols that caused decreased brick-and-mortar traffic. 

Facebook has various advertising methods, such as post boosting, ads, page promotion, and more. By utilizing Facebook campaign objectives, spearheading your target audience is more manageable. 

Listed below are the Facebook Ad Campaign Objective that you might find suitable for your business. 

Choosing the right Facebook campaign is crucial to achieving the results you want for your business. The customer’s journey falls under three categories: awareness, consideration, and conversion. 

Awareness Objective

This objective aims to harbor interest from your audience by capturing their attention through ads. Depending on your budget limit, these ads will reach as many people as possible from your target audience. 

Brand Awareness 

It aims to impress by showing ads to the people and encouraging brand retention. Notice that surveys were randomly posted on Facebook asking if you recall seeing a particular brand in the past few days. It uses an Ad Recall Lift as a benchmark showing the estimated number of people who have most likely seen your ad. 


The process is almost the same with brand awareness. However, its primary goal is to be seen by many people as possible without expecting immediate action from the viewers.

Consideration Objective

In this objective, your ads will be visible to your target audience to take action to your campaign. 


If your main objective is to drive traffic to your website and optimize your business landing page, use this objective to increase click to page rate. Your ads will appear in the news feed of users within your target audience based on their previous searches. 

Choose the traffic objective option if you intend your viewers to redirect to your blog post or to gather information from your website. 


If you’re gearing towards getting more engagements for your business, choose engagement objectives. It will gain more comments, shares, followers, responses, and post reactions. You can use this campaign objective to increase your page followers and sign-ups.

Below are the three options under engagement type:

1. Post Engagement

Engagements mean reactions, shares, views, clicks, and comments. This option will turn your organic post into an ad to harbor more engagements. 

2. Page Likes

Grow your Facebook page followers by using this option to help you reach people and encourage them to like your page.

3. Event Responses

If you’re having an event and want to know how many people would like to go, choose this option to determine the number of people that will respond to it. However, the results do not mean that the same number of people will attend the occasion. 

App Installs

This campaign helps app creators and owners drive an increase in app downloads. Facebook will show your ad to users presumably downloading the app. Use this objective to encourage the viewers to download and engage with your app. 

Video Views

When you choose the objective video views, your ad will appear to your target audience, who has a high chance of watching your videos. This option is excellent if you want more views on your videos. 

Lead Generation

This objective helps business owners gather leads by enabling their ads’ forms, filling in basic details, and integrating them into the company’s CRM database. 


The message campaign objective is practical to initiate a conversation with other people using Messenger. Your ads will appear in the Messenger app when you use this campaign. Clicking it will start a conversation by providing more information about your product or service. Questions and steps on purchasing what you are offering should get answers promptly.

Conversion Objective

This objective intends to convert inquiries and people interested in your business to paying customers. 


Adding products to the cart, making a purchase, booking an event, or signing up for newsletters are the goals of a conversion objective. If your business aims to increase sales, use the conversion campaign to encourage potential buyers to make a purchase. 

Catalog Sales

If your Facebook business page is made for retail or to sell, this campaign objective is perfect for you. Create a Facebook catalog that will showcase your products to your target audience. 

If you have several products to sell and want to show to your target audience, using this objective is a must for you. 

Store Traffic

Driving more foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar store is the primary goal of this objective. Adding your store location and store hours on Facebook will reach the people near your site. It is an excellent option for stores that has multiple branches. 

Now that you have a deeper understanding of how the campaign objectives work, you will be able to get the results you want for your business. Select the most appropriate ad campaign and reach out to the right target audience for an optimal outcome.

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