11 Tips to ensure the security of your store

Whether it is a newly opened store or an old store that has been operating for many years, they are all facing a very important and often overlooked issue – store safety. In order to save costs or save trouble, a small number of bosses will really perfunctory on the issue of store security.

If we take care of the store by ourselves, we will spend much longer in the store than customers. If there is a problem with the safety in the store, it can be said that the first danger is our own personal safety. Therefore, it is very important to eliminate the safety hazards in the store to ensure the safety of yourself and customers.

  1. Adhere to the inspection of in-store facilities.

For decoration areas that are prone to problems, such as doors and windows, shelves, ceilings, and lamps, we must remember to observe them at any time to avoid loose installation or shedding caused by aging.

  1. Ensure the safety of electricity use

For electrical appliances, wiring and other issues in the store, we must ensure compliance with the regulations of relevant departments. Can not arbitrarily change the line, use illegal electrical appliances, increase the electricity load.

Firefighting equipment should be sufficient and regularly updated. It is necessary to carry out fire-fighting and other related knowledge training for employees to ensure that in the event of a fire, the store personnel can correctly use fire-fighting equipment to deal with emergencies.

  1. Do a good job of anti-theft work

In addition to monitoring equipment installed in place. We can place easily stolen goods, such as cosmetics, chocolates, etc., in a place where the staff in the store can easily observe them, not near the exit.

Items of higher value can be placed in the same area, using surveillance equipment or advanced electronic anti-theft systems to avoid loss.

  1. Pay attention to the transfer of high-priced goods

This problem is prone to higher-value tobacco and alcohol. We should pay attention to the clear and effective records of monitoring equipment. In addition, you can mark the goods on the goods.

When selling, remember to collect payment first, then invoice, and finally deliver the goods to the customer.

  1. No large amount of cash is stored in the store

The amount of cash stored in the store can ensure that the store needs daily needs, and do not store large amounts of cash. Especially now, everyone is accustomed to using payment software and does not require much cash. Be sure to remember to take out the cash in the store in time.

Some valuables that are not related to business should not be placed in the store.

  1. Ensure that the channel in the store is unobstructed

Whether it is the shelf or the pile head area we make, we must be careful not to affect the smooth passage of the store.

On the one hand, the unblocked passage can prevent customers from inadvertently tripping over, and on the other hand, it can effectively escape in case of emergencies.

  1. Pay attention to the placement of goods

In terms of goods, we mentioned in the previous article that it is necessary to avoid safety hazards caused by high pile heads. At the same time, the principle of light on the top and heavy on the bottom should also be paid attention to when placing goods on the shelves.

Remember to keep the distance between the goods at the highest point and the light source.

  1. Pay attention to the shelf life of food

This is the most important thing we need to pay attention to. Foods account for a large part of the goods sold by convenience stores. We must pay attention to some goods with a short shelf life. Foods that are under warranty should not be sold when they expire. Avoid the resulting food safety hazards

  1. Remind customers to ensure their own safety

During the business process, it is inevitable that there will be customers with limited mobility or naughty children. We must remind us when we see such customers appear.

Inform customers in a timely manner not to run around at will. Don’t be stubborn about the items that are difficult to get by yourself, and the staff will assist you.

  1. Set up access control system in warehouse

People often pay attention to the safety of the store, but often ignore the safety of the warehouse. However, because the warehouse is not in our field of vision, and the warehouse stores a large number of commodities, we should strengthen the security of the warehouse. 

  1. Purchase necessary insurance

For our employees and customers, there are corresponding insurance products on the market to deal with unexpected problems. We can choose reliable to buy.

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