12 Camping Activities That Will Make Your Day

Finally, after so much anticipation, you get a break from work to go outdoors with your family or friends. Eventually, you can set up your solar panels around your camping tent and light up your camping fire. But there are always those moments where you need things to do while camping to avoid boredom.

While camping, it’s normal not to go with a truckload of stuff for entertainment. There are plenty of fun camping activities to engage you and your camping companion. However, camping around water bodies means you can participate in activities such as fishing, canoeing, or swimming.

Water camping activities:

If you’re camping near a lake, river, or pool, you can access tons of exciting things to engage yourself, including:

  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Canoeing/kayaking
  • Boating
  • Water skiing
  • Water volleyball
  • Tubing
  • Snorkeling
  • Skipping stones

Sports activities:

Camping in the wild comes with having limited amenities. But here are some great energetic camping ideas to keep you having a memorable time outdoors:

  • Football
  • Corn hole
  • Disc golf
  • Soccer
  • Hide and seek
  • Red rover
  • Kickball
  • Capture the flag
  • Tag

12 Things To Do While Camping

This article discusses a put-together list of camping ideas for athletic or nature-loving kids and excellent adult camping activities to send boredom packing.

Scavenger Hunt

This game involves gathering things in nature, such as leaves and sticks to find. Scavenger Hunt can be more fun with pairing up. Perhaps an older sibling with a younger sibling or an adult with a younger kid.

How to play:

  • Pair up (into pairs or small groups)
  • Create your lists – Each group makes a list of 10 items.
  • Trade lists – Exchanged the lists such that each group has a list made by another group.
  • Set rules – Discuss any safety hazards like traffic, water, and animals. Ensure that everyone understands the expectations, respects your neighbors’ privacy, and knows how to stay safe and the time required for the game.
  • Go hunting – When time is up, return to the starting point.
  • Compile and compare results.

Noah’s Ark

For Noah’s Ark, you name animals in alphabetical order and take them on an Ark. This game works for both kids and adults. It works in several variations. For instance, the first player says, “Into Noah’s Ark went two ants.” The second player continues the order alphabetically till it gets to the last person. The goal is to make it to Z without anyone messing up. You can make it more challenging and exciting, by involving the nature around you, like the names of animals you observed on your trip.

Dance Off

One fun camping activity is a little dance battle. All you need is a phone or device with access to music and your Acevolt Campower 2000 to power your gadgets. You can spice it up by adding a little freeze where people need to stop dancing.

Cloud Watching

Cloud watching is the most laid-back camping game, perfect for anyone, including kids, adults, and teenagers. Lay a blanket in a shady spot where you can easily see up into the sky and choose to play the alphabet game. Watch the clouds shape into something that starts with a letter or talk about what you see.

Pass The Water

This game is best on a warm day. You can play this while camping with kids. It helps to cool them after a long, hot summer day.

How to play

  • Get some cups, preferably recyclable.
  • Fill the cup to the brim, and then the first person places it on their head and tilts backward to pour it into the next person’s cup.
  • The game continues down the line while each person tries to keep as much water as possible.
  • If the water remains, the first person can get more water and restart the game.

Obstacle Course

The obstacle Course game is energetic to burn energy and leave participants happy. You can change the pattern of the game based on the item you have with you. You can spice it up by making it a competition and give a prize to the winner. Example of obstacle course includes:

  • Doing ten jumping jacks
  • Running to the third campsite and back
  • Jumping over the cups
  • Hopping on one foot
  • Sack racing
  • Crawling over the picnic table.

Alphabet Game

The list of things to do while camping with kids can’t be complete without campsite activities like the alphabet game. They can play this game at the campsite or hiking. It involves writing down or pointing out objects or signs of insects that start with the letter from A to Z. This game is best for younger kids during your camping holiday to keep them far away from boredom.

Telling Stories

This game is most enjoyable during evening hangouts around a campfire and where you can suggest everyone tells a story. It can be scary, comic, fiction, made-up or true stories, myths with some acting, weird or funny facial displays. You can spice it up by voting for your favorite.

Camping Bingo

Camping Bingo is an appealing game for all ages. You can download or print several bingos based on the number of participants. Put the items on small notes and keep them in a bowl, covering them with coins. It’s an interesting adult camping activity.

Murder In The Dark

Teenagers and adults can participate in this camping game. Although you may want to ensure the kids below age five are already asleep to keep their tender minds from creating lasting fearful imaginations.

How to play

  • Keep enough scraps of paper for the number of people in a bowl, ensuring that one has a star or letter D on it, another has a black dot or letter M, and the rest are blank.
  • The person who draws the star or letter D plays the detective, and then the person who picks the letter M or dot is the murderer.
  • The other players with blank papers are potential victims. The murderer winks at people to eliminate them.
  • It ends with the murderer killing everyone, excluding the detective, or when the detective figures out who the murderer is.

Camping Charades

After dinner outdoors, your next camping activity should be the camping charades. This game involves placing noted slips in a bowl. Each person takes out a paper and acts out what’s written. If correct, the group earns a point.

Thumb Wrestling Tournament

Here two players extend their right or left hand, with fingertips bent inwardly. They grasp their opponent’s fingertips to clasp hands together. After a count of three, the challenge begins. The player tries to pin down the opponent for a count of five using just their thumb. The winner challenges the next person until it gets to the grand winner.


Camping as a family is an excellent way to connect, but it’s more entertaining when everyone participates in fun camping activities. We have discussed some great ideas for things to do while camping with friends. You don’t always need a TV to have a good time. Get your Acevolt Campower, get out there and try one of these campsite activities!

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