12-String Acoustic Guitar Strings Challenge: How to Tune Them?

It is surprising for many people to learn that the 12-string acoustic guitar is a real instrument. This type of guitar has been around for centuries, and while it may not be as popular as its 6-string counterpart, it still produces a fantastic sound. The additional strings give the instrument a fuller sound than the traditional six-string guitar and can add an interesting texture to the music.

The 12-string acoustic guitar strings have been used in various genres, such as folk, country, blues, and classical. Depending on the desired sound, it can be played with or without a pick. Anyone can learn how to play this unique instrument with practice and patience. Ultimately, the 12-string acoustic guitar is an excellent choice for anyone who loves music and wants to improve their guitar playing techniques.

How Was the 12-String Acoustic Guitar Created?

The 12-string acoustic guitar strings set was created by adding a set of strings to the traditional six-string guitar. This additional set generally consists of two octaves of each line, tuned in unison to create a fuller sound. 

This is achieved by tuning the strings differently than a regular six-string. The instrument produces a much more excellent and bolder sound after this adjustment. It is also possible to customize the sound of the 12-string acoustic guitar strings using different tunings. 

This allows players to explore new sounds and textures not available with a regular six-string.

The 12-string acoustic guitar has been around for centuries but has recently gained popularity. Folk and country musicians and various other genres often use it. The instrument offers a unique sound that can be difficult to replicate with a regular guitar. 

The Difference Between a 12-String Acoustic Guitar with a Normal 6-String One

A 12-string acoustic guitar differs from a regular six-string in several ways. 

  • Richer tone: The 12-string acoustic guitar strings have a richer tone than their 6-string counterpart. This is due to the additional strings, which create a bigger sound.
  • Wider fretboard: The wider fretboard of a 12-string guitar makes it easier to reach different notes and chords than a regular six-string guitar.
  • Higher string tension: The additional strings of a 12-string guitar put more stress on the neck, allowing for a higher action and better sustain.
  • Longer peghead: The longer peghead of a 12-string helps to keep the strings in tune and allows players to use heavier gauge strings.
  • More bridge pins: The additional set of strings requires extra bridge pins to hold them in place, which helps keep the instrument in tune longer.

How to Release the Pain of Pressing the Complex Strings?

Tuning down 12-string acoustic guitar strings can help reduce the tension on the strings and make it easier to play. To do this, turn each string’s tuning peg one whole step lower than average (e.g., E to D). This will decrease the tension of all strings by one measure, making them much easier to press down.

Tuning a 12-string guitar can be tricky, so taking your time and ensuring you are tuning each string accurately is essential. Start by adjusting the low E and A-lines to their average pitches (E and A, respectively), then tune the remaining four strings in unison an octave higher than usual (e.g., the B string is tuned to a higher B note). 

Finally, tune the remaining four strings an octave lower than usual (e.g., the D string is tuned to a lower D note). This will ensure all your 12-string acoustic guitar strings are in tune and sound their best! Once you have finished tuning, you can easily enjoy playing your 12-string guitar.

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AW4212 12-String Acoustic Guitar Strings

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  • Plated high-carbon steel plain string
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  • 90/10 bronze winding
  • Nano-polished coating
  • String gauge: SL (super light) or L (light)
  • Superior sound quality
  • Crisp tone and improved intonation
  • Great tension and excellent tuning stability

Wrapping Up

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