12 Ways to Promote Your New Website

Setting up a website 101

In this day and age, your company’s online presence is more important than ever. Sure, a few social media posts can improve your brand awareness, but they are completely useless if you don’t have a website to showcase your products and services. After all, how are people supposed to research your brand and decide if it’s worth trying out? Fortunately, making a website is easier than ever, with dozens of online resources available to help small and medium-sized businesses. 

However, having an amazing website is not enough. With hundreds of thousands of websites, yours can quickly end up buried under the weight of the industry giants. That is, unless you start promoting it! To that end, we’ve decided to share our own tips and tricks for marketing a website so yours can also become the go-to option for potential clients. And best of all, most of these ideas are free or cheap, meaning that even small businesses can benefit. 

Include Links in Outgoing Emails

Each time you send out an email, make sure to include a link to your website in its signature. Doing so will increase people’s awareness of your new website and prompt them to check it out. However, don’t forget to use an enticing message. A simple link insertion will rarely work out. Instead, use phrases like “visit our website to discover our brand-new products and learn more about upcoming sales.”

Business Cards Can Advertise Your Website

You might believe that business cards are outdated, especially if you have been focusing on other types of advertising. But business cards can be used to promote your website as well. Just print the URL on a couple of cards and give them away to business partners or your target audience. You can further incentivise people by also including a promotional code on the back of your business card that, when used on your website, will reduce the price of a specific product.

Redesign Your Stationery

When you come up with a new website, you want all of your stationery to promote it. That means redesigning your envelopes, writing materials and other office supplies. Sure, it’s a costly endeavour that takes some time, but it’s entirely worth it as doing so will help increase your website traffic. 

Focus on Word of Mouth

Whenever you have a chance to interact with one of your customers, try to remind them of your website. But don’t push or insist too much. Simply mention that you have a newly redesigned website that features special offers and information about your company. 

Don’t Forget About Brochures

Giving away brochures and flyers is a great way to promote your website. Not only are they easy to customise and can feature a link to your website, but they can be integrated into existing marketing strategies.

Write Blog Posts

When was the last time you searched for online advice or help? Or maybe you wanted to increase your knowledge in a particular field? If the answer is recently, then you already understand that blog posts and online articles can do wonders for a website’s traffic. 

As a result, you should create a special section in which you or your employees will post articles about your industry. Share tips or tricks that your audience can try for themselves, or just go behind the scenes and shed light on some unknown aspects of your field. No matter which approach you take, you can be sure that people will flock to your website in no time. 

Engage in Social Media Advertising

As previously mentioned, social media advertising can improve your brand awareness. But they can also let people know about your new website. Our advice is to regularly post on Facebook or Instagram about your new products and promotions and simply include a link to your website at the end of your post. Keep in mind that the more compelling your content is, the more people will want to check out your website and learn more about your brand.

Don’t Miss Local Community Networking Events

At the end of the day, the local community is important to any small or medium-sized company. In fact, it will represent the majority of your customer base until you are able to expand your business. So make sure to engage your local community during events such as Chamber of Commerce functions. You can either talk directly with people there or hand out brochures, flyers, and business cards linking to your website.

Send Postcards

Postcards can let people know about your website without having to invest in a big-budget marketing campaign. Just purchase some postcards in bulk and brand them with your company name and website address. Then, mail them to your local area together with a coupon or special offer.

Create a Newsletter

Sending out a nicely designed email newsletter to your prospects and existing customers is an effective way to promote your website. But don’t focus your newsletter on your website. Instead, talk about a new product, service or new sale and link your website at the end of the newsletter or embed it into a specific word or section.

Post on Forums

Want to attract a new audience to your website? One method to do so is to start a thread on a well-known forum such as Reddit. Or, you can engage in an existing conversation in another thread and mention your website when relevant. Be mindful that you should only add your website to these forums as a genuinely helpful resource that supplements your response. That’s why you should choose topics that involve your area of expertise. 

Start a Promotional Campaign

Last but not least, you can use a promotional campaign to push your website. Simply put, you should print your website URL on promotional products and give them away. That way, you promote your website while also giving your target audience a meaningful and useful gift.

Here are a few ideas according to promotional experts GoPromotional that you can always rely on: 

  • Christmas decorations: By branding a few Christmas decorations and giving them away each December, you can effectively promote your website and brand with ease. And best of all, you will also increase the loyalty of existing customers. After all, who doesn’t love receiving a practical gift like Christmas decorations?
  • Mini footballs: Is your target audience composed of college or high school students? Then make sure to print a couple of mini footballs with your logo and website URL and donate them to local schools or hand them to attendees during sports events.
  • Notebooks: Everybody loves branded notebooks, so make sure to take advantage of this fact by branding them with your website address and giving them away to your target audience.
  • Mugs: People can never have enough mugs, which is why you should invest in this reliable promotional product. Customise them with an interesting graphic that involves your URL and hand them out during events or as gifts for loyal customers.
  • Pens: Finally, printed pens are an inexpensive promotional item that is easy to give away and has limitless marketing potential. They can suit all target audiences and are easily integrated into any marketing strategy. Simply brand them with your URL or QR code and watch as your website’s traffic increases by the day.

New Website? It’s Time to Promote It!

Promoting your website has never been easier! From using email marketing and word of mouth to giving promotional strategies a shot, you have dozens of ways to attract people to your new website. And since most of them are free, there is no excuse for having low traffic nowadays! So, pick your favourite method and start promoting your website today!

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