13 Tips on Boosting Your Conversion Rate

All online businesses strive to increase their conversion rates. If only 2 of your website visitors out of 100 place an order, this means your conversion rate is 2% — and it’s a good result. Many ecommerce businesses manage to survive even with a 0.1% conversion rate. In this article, you’ll find simple and efficient methods of convincing people to buy your goods or services more frequently.

Add a Pop-Up to Your Site

The average conversion rate of a website pop up is 3.09%. But if you know how to make the most of this display area, you can increase the conversion rate to nearly 10%:

  • Include a 30-second delay timer on the popup so that it doesn’t annoy your clients
  • Make it easy to close the popup
  • Try several offers to detect which one works best with your popups
  • Set a cookie so that the popup only appears once per user

This should be probably the most efficient way of boosting your conversions, compared to all the other methods listed in this article.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Form Fields

You should define the minimum amount of information that your sales team needs to know about each customer to convince them to purchase your products. Is it just the name and the email address? Then, ask your website visitors to leave only their names and emails in form fields. The fewer fields there are, the higher the conversion.

Add Testimonials, Reviews and Logos

People tend to be more eager to buy a product if someone else has already tried it and can confirm its high quality. Testimonials and reviews from past clients are essential. You should place them on every critical page of your website. If your company, brand or product was approved by some authoritative organization, it would be great to place its logo on your site.

Remove Distractions

An ideal landing page should meet the following criteria:

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Easy to navigate

It should feature the following elements:

  • Headline and subheadings
  • Features and advantages of your products
  • Testimonials and/or reviews
  • Visual combined with context to show what you’re offering

You might also consider adding a live chat box, social proof and videos — but you shouldn’t overload your landing page.

To identify the distracting elements, you might want to use a heat map. It will reveal those elements of your site that people click the most often. If visitors rarely click on certain elements, you might want to remove them.

Make the Initial Step as Easy as Possible

To benefit from a psychological trick, encourage your website visitors to perform an action that they can easily complete. For instance, ask them to share their emails with you but nothing more. The easier the first step, the likelier consumers will be to explore the full functionality of your website and place an order.

Add a Third-Party Signup Service

Many consumers find it convenient to sign up with one click. You should enable clients to enter your site with their Facebook and Google accounts. Thanks to this method, your conversion rate should increase immediately.

Enhance Your CTA Copy

Any business can use generic CTAs like “Sign up” and “Start trial”. Yet they would hardly improve their conversion rate because consumers are too used to them. Instead, you might want to use a CTA that starts with the word “Yes.” For instance: “Yes, I want this discount!”.

Add Live Chat

Consumers should be able to ask questions in the chat. Plus, a chatbot might greet them as soon as they open your site and suggest products to them. But you shouldn’t limit your customer support to bots only: users should be able to reach out to human managers too.

Experiment with Various Offers

This is one of the most efficient methods of maximizing the conversion rate. You should keep experimenting until you detect the offer that clearly strikes a chord with your target audience. If consumers fail to appreciate what you offer, all the other methods from this article would deliver little result.

Offer a Money-Back Guarantee

Apart from improving the conversion rate, this method enables your customers to feel more secure and build trust with your brand. When vendors resort to this measure for the first time, they might be afraid of losing too many sales because of returns. Yet if you offer products of high quality, the percentage of returns shouldn’t be too high — and the growing number of sales should compensate for it.

Add a Countdown Timer

When people realize that time is running out, they start to act faster. A countdown timer on your landing page can motivate many clients to purchase. The timer should give your clients only a few minutes to benefit from a special offer, creating a sense of urgency.

Add a Point of Purchase Upsell

Instead of boosting conversion rates, this method increases revenues. When the consumer is about to finalize the order, offer them a similar product that they can add to their cart with a single click. Thanks to such an approach, your average order value might grow by up to 20%.

A/B Test Your Headlines

When choosing an optimal headline for your website, feel free to experiment with the following variables:

  • Length
  • Tone
  • Use of statistics
  • Use of numbers

80% of your website visitors won’t read further than the headline. Make it catchy and convincing to motivate people to stay on your site!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article came in handy and now you better understand how to boost the conversion rate of your website. You might want to add a pop-up, live chat and a third-party signup service. You should remove distractions and get rid of unnecessary form fields. Make the first step as easy as possible, A/B test your headlines and experiment with various offers. Enhance your CTA copy, add testimonials, reviews and logos. Use a countdown timer, offer a money-back guarantee and add a point of purchase upsell. Thanks to these recommendations, your conversion rate should increase rather quickly.

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