14 industries that are changing because of data 

Data is changing the world. As industries have better access to data, they can tailor products and services to the customer. This guide will cover the top 14 industries being changed by data. 


Data is playing an increasingly important role in modernizing the energy industry. This has resulted in more efficient operations, better customer service, and new business models for producers and distributors of electricity.

Real Estate

The real estate industry is adapting data-driven tools to streamline the purchase and sale process. This includes making it easier for buyers to find homes, reducing paperwork, and improving communication between agents.


The insurance industry is using data to underwrite new policies and process claims. This includes leveraging real-time sensor data, risk modeling technology, predictive analytics, and digital customer service to increase accuracy and efficiency.


The music industry has changed drastically. Today, artists are able to release their own music without the help of a record label. This is because data analysis makes it easier for musicians to predict what songs will be hits among fans.


Modern aircraft are highly computerized and rely on powerful data tools to run effectively. This has led to the introduction of new aircraft concepts, such as drones, that would have been impossible without access to data. Visit this website to find out more about travel and the new normal.


The telecom industry is investing in cloud computing to improve wireless connectivity and data processing. This has reduced the cost of mobile connections and increased service quality. Visit this site for more on what happens when you call a phone number.

Consumer Goods

The consumer goods industry is using data to promote products to consumers, improve planning and forecasting, and increase process efficiency. This has increased sales among major brands by making it easier for consumers to find exactly what they’re looking for.


The hospitality industry is using data to personalize services and increase revenue through recommendations. This includes collecting customer data through loyalty programs, cross-selling products and services, and automatically adjusting prices based on demand.


The gaming industry is using data to create immersive and personalized experiences. This has resulted in improved playability and increased monetization through digital products and microtransactions.

Finance/Insurance Services

The finance industry is using data to create better products and provide customers with more accurate information. This has resulted in wider adoption of financial services among consumers, especially in emerging markets.

Data Storage

The data storage industry is using data to offer more space at a lower cost. This includes leveraging cloud computing, big data processing, and advanced analytics. 


Data is being used to create more secure ATM transactions. This has resulted in increased customer confidence and reduced fraud at the branch level. visit this site for more information about how data security affects us all.


The retail industry is using data to better compete with online stores. This has resulted in improved customer service and new business models, such as same-day delivery and interactive store displays.


The logistics and transportation industry is using data to improve daily operations. This includes collecting and analyzing real-time location, speed, route, and other performance metrics from trucks and delivery vehicles.

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