Why You Need an 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney

How often have you driven down the interstate only to stop in a long line of traffic? You wait, you get mad, and you wonder what is causing the delay. When you finally reach the point where the traffic is moving again, you see an 18-wheeler on its side and a car smashed beyond recognition. Truck accidents can be fatal and leave behind the wreckage.

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If you wreck with a semi-truck and survive, you will more than likely deal with vehicle damage and large medical bills from injuries. Semi-trucks are heavy and are no joke when it comes to an accident. You should seek out a reputable Houston 18 wheeler accident lawyer for advice and representation.

In a single year, more than 100,000 accidents occur on American highways involving a tractor-trailer resulting in thousands of lost and broken lives. When you consider the physics of a large truck weighing 40 tons or more crashing into a small vehicle, you realize why so many lawyers now devote their talents and time to helping victims of these accidents. When a large truck travelling at sixty miles per hour hits a car full of people, the results are always harsh.

Cause of accidents

Truck accidents are typically caused by the negligence of a driver, whether 18-wheeler truck driver or the driver of a car on the road. Sometimes a truck driver may be too tired to drive safely or may experience a failure with their equipment causing an accident. In other cases, the driver of a car may make a mistake cutting off a truck or running into the sides or back of a truck. One of the drivers may be driving drunk. Truck accidents happen for many different reasons.

Most truck drivers try to be safe and show courtesy to other drivers on the road. There are some that present a danger to themselves and all drivers every time they get on the road. These are the drivers that may routinely and knowingly drive while overloaded, which makes it more difficult for them to stop quickly. These may also be the drivers who use their trucks to force cars to switch lanes and get out of their way.

Some truck drivers may cause a truck accident simply by going too fast much of the time they are on the road. Sometimes a driver may drink before getting behind the wheel. Drugs are taken to keep drivers alert are the source of many accidents involving 18 wheelers and cars. It can even be something as simple as speeding, so it is not always an extreme case.

One big problem is that some truck owners are putting trucks on the road regardless of their condition. Some trucks are not properly maintained, or they can have defects that cause accidents.

Also, truck drivers often spend long hours on the road. If they are a part of a trucking company, the employer must schedule sufficient breaks in the schedule so that the driver can get much-needed rest. These rest breaks are mandated by law, and a drowsy truck driver can be just as deadly as a drunk driver.

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