19 Reasons Why Coffee Might Be Good for You

Mornings are made better when you have a good cup of Joe at hand. Coffee tastes great, and it instantly uplifts the morning mood. 

It also perks up any tiring day to jump off a great start. If you are still holding back from taking a sip of coffee, here are the benefits of drinking coffee that might be helpful for you.

1. Keeps energy levels high

It’s no secret how coffee keeps energy levels high. The caffeine content of most coffee is enough to keep energy levels up all day. It nudges your energy levels to get on whatever is in store for your day ahead.

2. Rich in antioxidants

Fighting off any inflammatory process in the body can be hastened with coffee. Coffee is rich in antioxidants which battle off any inflammation in the body. Aside from that, there are also other nutrients that can keep your body free from inflammation.

Maximise the nutrients in your cup by putting egg in coffee. This is common in Vietnam, and its recipe has been internationally known for its amplified health benefits.

3. High fiber content

Have you ever wondered how one wants to poop instantly after a cup of coffee? This is not a pure accident because coffee is known to promote bowel movement. Each cup has an average amount of 1.8 grams of fiber, which can contribute a lot to one’s daily fiber requirements.

4. Coffee keeps you creative

A single cup of coffee is enough to stimulate the creative corner in your head. Have a cup whenever you are brainstorming a project to get those creative juices flowing.

5. Great sweet craving substitute

With the various coffee recipes, there are coffee-based products that can substitute as desserts after a meal. Satisfy your sweet craving with iced coffee after a meal.

6. It keeps your mind sharp

Coffee is a stimulant, and it keeps your mind active, the same way your body is a whole lot more energized with a single cup.

7. It intensifies your workout

Because coffee promotes energy levels to soar high, it makes perfect sense why some gym goers grab a plain black coffee. It intensifies any workout routine, and it gives ample energy for every set.

8. Promotes fat burning

Coffee is known to promote the fat burning process by mobilizing the fat cells. Of course it does not work instantly, but know that coffee helps, especially when you are conscious with your figure.

9. Maintains productivity 

Drinking coffee at work is common, and is actually practiced by various companies because it maintains productivity. Get your work on with a cup in hand!

10. Great for the heart

While some people think that coffee is damaging to the heart, moderate amounts of coffee can be great for the heart. It maintains the pumping capacity of the heart, which makes your overall health improved. Experts from Cuppabean recommend that those with heart problems should notify their doctors for their coffee intake limitation.

11. Good for the eyes

A recent study showed that a compound found if coffee may protect your vision. Coffee prevents retinal degeneration. This means the eyes can continue recognizing and organizing information in a glance.

12. Protects against dental diseases

Scientists were curious of how coffee can affect the dental health of a person, since it is a common drink. Their study showed that coffee indeed protects teeth against dental caries if they are consumed without additives like sugars and syrups.

It should also be noted that although coffee makes teeth stronger, coffee is proven to stain the teeth.

13. Lowers risk of diabetes mellitus type 2

Whether caffeinated or decaffeinated, coffee does lower the risk of a person to have diabetes mellitus type 2. However, this may not be the case for those who already have the disease.

Studies showed that the caffeine content does not necessarily impact the blood sugar levels, and can therefore be a great adjunct in lowering the risk, in moderate amounts.

14. Depresses the gouty arthritis risk

An established study has proven that drinking 1 to 3 cups of coffee in a day can results in a decreased risk for gouty arthritis in men. The property of caffeine is linked to work the same way as the medication for gouty arthritis, making scientists arrive at the thought of how it can be used to prevent the disease.

Women may have fluctuating hormonal levels, and more studies are needed to know if coffee does reduce the risk of gout in this population.

15. Reduces risk of depression

Scientists have thought of how coffee is related to depression. And various studies showed that coffee indeed reduces the risk of one having depression compared to those who are non-coffee drinkers. One study even showed that coffee negates the effects of depression.

16. Decreases risk of memory loss

One of the surprising benefits of coffee is how it decreases the risk of a person in having memory loss. Note that Alzheimer’s disease and dementia still don’t have a cure.

In general, coffee delays the onset of Alzheimer’s disease by keeping your brain sharp, and it also improves memory with the aging process.

17. Strays you away from cancer

Coffee has been proven to decrease the risk of cancers. Various cancers can be prevented with a cup of coffee consumed moderately. This includes colon cancer, liver cancer, and melanoma, among others.

18. Increased longevity

Coffee in general increases the lifespan of the general population compared to those who don’t drink coffee. This is because coffee is well-balanced with its flavor and its nutrient content. When consumed moderately, coffee benefits outweigh its potential risks, and can therefore, lead to a longer life.

19. It brings people together

People gather instantly over coffee. Various coffee shops have been a great meeting place for meetings, casual conversations, and even dates. This has been the norm because coffee tastes great, and because coffee has been a staple drink over the years.

Coffee is a drink that most people enjoy, even without realizing that it has a lot of health benefits. It also affects overall work and school performance, making it a staple drink for everyone. Grab a cup because there’s always a reason to enjoy some coffee every now and then.

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