Things you need to know about address

It is true to say that is an IP address of a website that is very familiar to people who have used the Internet. This is the modem’s IP address. You will use it when you need to change wifi password or network configuration or check internet activity. So what is an IP address ? Login to to do? The following article will help you answer that question.

What is

Firstly, we need to know that is the IP address that is the abbreviation for Internet Protocol. It can also be interpreted as an Internet protocol. The most popular IP protocol is IPv4, the latest is IPv6. IPv6 has more IP ranges, more security, and more improvements. Thus, IPv6 is becoming more popular.

IP address image 23222 is the IP address that is the abbreviation for Internet Protocol.

There are 2 types of IP which are dynamic IP & Static Ip in which dynamic Ip is more commonly used. When using a static IP address, customers will often have to configure it manually, and users have to pay to hire it. It is an address that is configured and positioned permanently, unchanged during use.

It can hardly be denied that the most familiar and most popular IP address is

Normally, technicians often use 192 168 1.1 address as the default address for network systems, modem. However, there are still some devices that choose the default address of or some other IP address.

What is used for

There are no denying that address can help people to change wifi password or change wifi network name that they are using more easy. Changing the wifi password will help the network to be more secure, it helps users avoid being hacked pass wifi during use.

In addition, you can log in to address to look up modem information, internet connection information such as: speed, ip address, traffic and information about the device that is connecting to your wifi. This helps you know the abnormalities of the network connection that you are using.

Thanks to using address, you can set up services using internet and modem connection such as camera settings, ip phone, telephone exchange, mail server configuration.

IP address image 3333 address can help you to change wifi password or change Wi-Finetwork name.

One of the other great advantages of using address is that you can reset the modem, install the firewall, configure the security for the line.

Therefore, knowing how to log in to address is essential. It is the knowledge that customers should know well to be able to manipulate themselves.

How to access address

How to access is very easy. You just need to open any browser then enter the IP address and then Enter, you will see that the Modem login section appears. Then, you need to use your account, password to be able to log in and proceed to set up WiFi Modem at your disposal.

IP address image 8928928928298
How to access is very easy.

Some reasons you cannot log in to

Sometimes, you will encounter errors that prevent you from accessing Here are some common errors. 

The login address is not

As mentioned above, not all Modem types have the address is The IP address of your modem may be or another address that installed by the manufacturer or has been changed by a previous user (possibly an installation employee). 

If you cannot access due to the change, you should reset your Modem. But if you do not have knowledge of information, you should not do it because resetting Modem also means you must reinstall the network. You can ask the operator for help in this case.

Wrong password

In fact, incorrect password cases are not uncommon. In addition to using the default password, the installer has the right to change the password according to your contract name. In this case, if you cannot login with the account, the default password, please call the switchboard for assistance to avoid reinstalling Modem due to reset.

The system has many transmitters

You will not be able to access of the Modem you are using if you are a secondary device, and your network has many WiFi Modems connected. At this point, your IP address will be automatically allocated according to Total Modem. And to solve this situation, you just need to disconnect from the entire network to access

How to change the default username and the default password

The first step you need to do is to log in to the admin page specifically with the default username and password. On the administration page, there will be many different parts. You can change the default username and password here. 

One of the best ways to change the default username and password is to enter the name of the manufacturer on google to know which device your brand is. And then you can use the official manufacturer’s instructions on their homepage to change the password.

Should you change your password?

The fact of the matter is that the default password on page is set to the weakest level to exchange for maximum convenience for easy remembering. Thus, anyone can log in just by guessing. Changing passwords is essential.

Thanks to changing the default password, you will set up the first network protection line. It helps you keep all your private data from malicious attempts.

In addition, users can enable WPA2 and PSK settings to provide secure and encrypted communication for their WIFI network. There is no denying that this is essential to prevent your WIFI signal from being hacked (an attacker can collect and analyze data sent via WIFI).

Some other tips

You can always log in to your default admin page by entering address on any browser. Then you need to enter the default username and password. Then you have full control over your entire home network.

You must always change the default password for your router and set up your own WIFI and WLAN security measures.

Overall, above is all you need to know about address.