2 Key Home Inspection Tasks for Every First Time Buyer

One of the key stages in life is buying a first home. Often, this is the culmination of years of hard work and saving money each month to budget for the down payment on a property. Today, in 2023, it is a challenge to get on the property ladder for many adults. House prices seem to have risen considerably in the last decade, and high levels of inflation can make it difficult to save on a consistent basis. However, if you have been fortunate enough to take the first step onto the housing ladder, you will appreciate what an achievement this is. In addition, you should understand that every homeowner should have a basic level of DIY knowledge to ensure that the home remains in a functioning condition. Inspecting your property is a vital part of home maintenance; in this article, two key home inspection tasks will be outlined.

Checking Electrical Outlets

Firstly, it is important to ensure that all your electrical outlets are in a safe condition. This is especially true when you have appliances connected to power supplies that are near water (such as dishwashers). Faulty outlets can pose a risk of electrocution, and all plugs should have working fuses to minimize the risk of malfunction. Inspect all your appliances and electrical outlets at least twice a year. If you notice that outlets are in a poor state of repair or experience regular power outages (i.e., fuse boxes tripping due to faulty connections), it is important to seek the advice of a fully qualified electrician. If you live in Ohio, search online for electrician Columbus OH to find a range of professional electricians who are experienced with residential electrical work. Get a range of quotes to ensure that you are getting a competitive price for the work that is required. A professional electrician will also be able to give an accurate estimate for the time needed to upgrade or repair your electrical supplies and will explain any disruption which may occur when the work is undertaken.

You might also want to consider upgrading to a modern solution, such as installing a high-quality Hager consumer units, to better manage your electrical distribution and safety.

Inspect Your Roof

In most countries, storms will occur several times over an average year. At times, heavy storms and wind will loosen or even remove some of your roof tiles. If these are not replaced, it is likely that the property will sustain water damage which could lead to extremely costly maintenance work being required. Check your roof every time there is a storm. Look for signs of damage to tiles, guttering, or missing parts in the roof. After you have inspected the roof, you will then be able to determine if any further action is required. If you identify minor roof damage and feel that you are suitably competent, you may be able to replace broken or missing roof tiles yourself. However, for larger-scale roof damage (or if you do not feel competent working from height), you may need to hire a skilled roofing contractor to complete the maintenance and repair work. As with electrical work, search for a range of roofing professionals, take several quotes, and pick the company that offers a competitive quote and can demonstrate their professional credentials.

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