2 Reasons to Invest in eSports

Esports is like any other sport. Instead of hockey, chess, or baseball, people play video games like Fortnite, CSGO, Call of Duty, or League of Legends. Each game in esports has its own rules, but they all have one thing in common: they are very enjoyable. They are also similar to traditional sports–you’ll enjoy the pulse-pounding moments when the home team wins.

Why have esports become so popular lately? Well, some events match the Superbowl in terms of viewership, and young gamers (18 to 25 years) watch 34% more esports. Another reason for its popularity is that it’s everywhere. You can play it back on Youtube, discuss it on Discord, stream it on Twitch, and share clips across TikTok and other online platforms.

Esports were worth about $1 billion in 2019, and may be worth $4.28 billion by 2027. You can leverage eSports as a direct investor, and here’s why you should do it.

Esports Fans Are Professionals With Purchasing Power

Mindshare, a global marketing firm, carried out a survey on esports enthusiasts a while back. The results showed that 43% of esports fans have a yearly household income of $75k per year. Nearly 31% of esports enthusiasts have an annual income of $90k or higher. The purchasing power of esports fans, and their ability to engage on technology platforms, makes them a good target for big brands.

In just one decade, esports has evolved from an underground culture into a mainstream industry. It has become a worldwide phenomenon, attracting investors like Alexis Ohanian, Ashton Kutcher, and Mark Cuban. The industry is even getting capital from traditional sports figures like Steph Curry, David Beckham, Shaq, and Rick Fox. The developing industry offers many opportunities as its pro athletes, teams, and infrastructure continue to grow.

Fans Are Young Digital Natives

Research has shown that 65% of esports fans are aged between 18 and 34 years. And while the fan base is predominantly male, 38% of esports enthusiasts are women. Esports is just as popular as ice hockey and baseball among American male millennials (21 to 35 years). Football, the most popular sport in North America, is only twice as popular as esports among young male viewers. For male adults aged between 36 and 50, football is only thrice as popular as esports.

Fans of esports are also deeply engaged, most spend 100 minutes per session watching the games. And the most interesting thing is only about 50% of viewers play the video games they watch. Research has also shown that most esports fans don’t mind traveling to see their favorite tournaments, games, and players.

If you’re a gamer or someone simply looking for great opportunities to expand your investment portfolio, consider esports. You can invest in video game companies, game developers, hardware, and even tournaments. 

Improvements in esports games have the potential to increase the player base and profit margins, benefiting both developers and investors. There are many investment opportunities in esports, and if you need money fast to invest in a game changer, you can access auto title loans online.