20 Tricks to Elevate Your TikTok Game

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If you are an active user of the TikTok application and have already acquired your own account, shoot funny videos, but cannot get your popularity in any way, then you should definitely familiarize yourself with the TOP 20 tips on how to wind up a TikTok account without tasks. Following these tips, you are guaranteed to be able to wind up and followers and likes for free and promote your profile in popularity to the leaders and make good money on this.

TOP 20 tips on how to promote your TikTok without assignments

Before talking about how to promote for free, you can try to advance for money. For example, you can use paid resources such as: TiktokRush.

  1. Competent design of your TikTok profile.

This is the first and main step to start with, because your success will directly depend on the information that you put as a foundation in your profile. What information should be especially submitted in your profile:

– Choosing a nickname. It should be cool and memorable for a long time. To do this, you can resort to using all sorts of funny nicknames, pseudonyms or nicknames. Also, the nickname should match the idea of ​​your content or reflect the purpose of your account, for example, blogging or connecting different groups with specific interests.

– Photo selection. Any option you like will do here. But most of all, bright and not ordinary photos are welcome.

– Information about yourself or a description of your account. The main thing is brevity, brevity and interest for other users.

  1. Garter to all your profiles.

We strongly recommend that you link your Tik Tok link to all existing social media profiles such as Instagram or YouTube. This will help to further interest Internet users.

  1. Constant filling of the account with content.

In the world of social media, content is king, says TokCaptain, which is probably the best site to buy TikTok followers. There should be a lot of posts, but not periodically, but constantly. Thanks to constant content, you will always be in sight and will not be forgotten about you soon.

  1. The abundance of hashtags is the key to popularity.

Under each of your posted interesting post or exciting video, a prerequisite is the affixing of hashtags. They will undoubtedly help promote your account, quickly attract new users, who will be given access to your channel at their expense and, as a result, you will be guaranteed their subscription.

  1. Online broadcasts.

Everyone knows that communication with the public, and the public with you, is always interesting and productive. By raising non-boring topics, answering questions, as well as using a variety of masks and cool special effects on the air, you will attract new followers to your account.

  1. Cool emotional videos.

Videos that will evoke any active emotions from users into your hands. In addition, we advise you to use only the latest musical innovations that will help promote them to the TOP.

  1. Free advertising.

In your feed, you can safely advertise any items or things, but they must be popular and in demand. Then your account will definitely become popular.

  1. Conducting interesting contests / challenges for users.

The most important thing is to get users interested in participating in your contests or challenges as best as possible. To do this, you can come up with small, purely symbolic gifts that they will receive for their winnings.

  1. Creation of your own special effects / masks.

To improve your video, as well as to gain a high rating, you can come up with new special effects that, hitting trends, will bring you income from your TikTok account.

  1. Development of marathons.

Recently, various marathons have been very popular, especially those related to the process of losing weight or the basics of proper nutrition. Therefore, organizing useful advice on this matter, filming your workouts, preparing healthy meals will be a smart decision for a high TikTok account rating.

  1. Constant activity.

If you ignore or respond rudely to user comments, your account will be a failure. On the contrary, not a single comment, even the most negative one, should be left unanswered and respond to it politely.

  1. Massiveness of likes from oneself.

It is necessary to massively put likes on the channels of other users, so that one day they would want to get acquainted with your account and subscribe.

  1. Free collaborations.

To raise your rating, you can shoot cool videos with other registered users (duets). But the main condition is that the user account must be at your level in terms of metrics.

  1. Group video videos.

The latest trend is video clips with your relatives or family members. You can also show your favorite pets, especially if they are doing some tricks.

  1. The quality of photos and videos.

To promote your account, you need to upload photos or videos of only the highest quality, using high-quality techniques or Photoshop functions.

  1. Pre-alert for new video.

To do this, you can use all your social media profiles to notify as many people as possible.

  1. Start by inviting friends.

In the absence of any followers at all, for a start, just invite your friends to subscribe or you can buy tiktok followers.

  1. Do not forget about the description for each of your photos or videos.

For more interest of followers, you should definitely comment on your newly exhibited photo or video. Particular attention must be paid to literacy, correct wording, and they can also be slightly embellished.

  1. Various attempts to attract users.

To do this, it is necessary to constantly create questionnaires on various relevant topics, ask questions during live broadcasts, in general, everything that is aimed at interacting with users.

  1. Coming up with different incentives or bonuses.

As rewards for subscribing new users, you can come up with some kind of rewards or bonuses. Alternatively, you can advertise the user for free in exchange for their subscription to your account.

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