2020 Furniture Trends: Everything you need to know

Furniture plays a key part in our lives, not just as a daily use accessory but also to make our home, workspace, or institute look even more elegant and complete. It’s always good to stay in touch with the new and trendy – doing so when dealing with, for example, living room furniture is no exception.

Furniture Trends 2020 - 39999

So let’s have a look into the top furniture trends in 2020

1. Furniture made out of natural materials

As our planet has taken a hit due to years of pollution and deforestation, the damage is quite evident. Most people have taken notice of this and have decided to use sustainable and natural materials in their day to day life. Furniture made out of Bamboo, sustainably grown wood, recycled materials, etc. Has become quite popular in the current market.

2. Upholstered Bed frames

It is quite trendy to get Upholstered beds on rent in 2020, as it not only guarantees style but also comfort to go along with it. They are designed with velvet, classic linen, or even leather to make them look more bold and defined.

3. Denim and leather inspired furniture

Also termed as Menswear-inspired furniture, they are industrial-inspired designs with leather, denim finish, and dark wood to make it look even more fierce.

4. Multi-functional Furniture

These types of furniture are not multipurpose but are also very useful in small spaces. It also acts as a boon to those middle-classed families, who are in a tight budget constraint. Multi-functional furniture may include anything from a table with cabinets to a bed with storage space. The manufacturers adapt the furniture with movable parts or hidden space to make them multipurpose.

5. Artistic metal furniture

Bookshelves, tables, Showpiece stands, etc. are a part of this impressive designer line. The metal not only makes the furniture sturdy but also gives it a much needed metallic finish. Even coating is done over these metals to give it an additional shine and better finish. To add to this, they look exceptional under low or dim lighting.

6. Antique furniture design

There is something about antique furniture design which always makes it stand out, irrespective of the time period. Antique furniture is usually finished off with a wooden coating or a wooden exterior. Antique Chairs, tables, bookshelves, etc. are always in demand.

7. Jungle printed Design

This is another design that is in the trend right now. Jungle printed design basically makes use of plant and animal scale prints on the furniture. Jungle printed designs can most commonly be seen on the couch & sofa on rent.  This design easily blends in with the other furniture that would already be available at your place as the prints are available in both darker and lighter tones.

8. Artisan furniture Design

This type of furniture line follows artisan-inspired design to get into our lives. Their designs make use of wastes and lighter materials, formulating into an end product that is both tough and magnificent in looks. They are generally handcrafted and have a curated and unique look to it, which increases it’s prestige and keeps it in the trend.

9. Futuristic design

These furniture models make use of glass, crystals, and metals to give the furniture a more futuristic look. They are mostly clear and pinstriped in design. This design is usually sleek and elongated in nature. They also tend to be multipurpose and have buttons for opening the closed or hidden compartments.


So, these are some of the trends being followed by furniture distributors and buyers for the year 2020. We hope you enjoyed this article, and it achieved its purpose of giving you an idea about the current trends in the furniture trade.

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