2024 Screen Protector technology upgraded again

Screens take up 60% of most people’s lives. Prolonged screen viewing can lead to visual fatigue, blurred vision, poor sleep quality, and even serious illness.

What are the causes of visual fatigue?

In fact, it’s all due to blue light. Blue light falls into the high-energy short-wave range, with wavelengths between 400nm and 500nm. Our daily interactions with electronic devices expose us to a lot of blue light. From LCD screens to LED lights in a variety of electronics, it is clear that actually block blue light have a value of high health. Current technologies that can prevent blue light from phone screen include:

Eyesafe RPF60

Rare earth coatings

How to choose them?

Eyesafe RPF60 Advantage: Eyesafe RPF60 filters can be attached directly to the screen surface, are easy to install and replace, and are relatively inexpensive.

Rare Earth Plasma Resonance Absorption Coating: The advantage of the rare earth coating is that it can be applied directly to the surface of the screen, does not change the look and feel of the screen, and has a long service life.

Eyesafe RPF60 Disadvantage: The service life may be shorter.

Disadvantages of rare earth coatings: This material and technology makes the cost expensive.

Who are selling them?

Zagg is selling the Eyesafe RPF60 Blue Light Blocking Screen for $59.99 now.

PerfectSight is selling blue light blocking cell phone screens with rare earth coating technology for $55.

The choice of Glass Material 

Zagg uses standard tempered glass, which includes impact protection and antimicrobial treatments. In addition, Zagg uses ion exchange technology to increase durability and eliminate fingerprints.

PerfectSight uses high-aluminum glass to provide maximum clarity and superior touch sensitivity. It is carefully designed to be shatterproof and provide excellent impact protection. It also features built-in antimicrobial protection and an anti-fingerprint coating.

What features are included?

Zagg is equipped with Anti-Glare+ and a matte anti-spy layer to prevent direct light glare and eye irritation caused by reading texts in bright sunlight.

PerfectSight is also coated with anti-glare and anti-spy layers to prevent visual fatigue caused by strong sunlight or late-night viewing of brightly lit

phones. The anti-spy layer provides a clear view and an obstructed view on both sides of the phone, and utilizes two-way privacy technology to ensure that sensitive information is protected from prying eyes.

Is there a lifetime warranty?

Zagg users have a limited lifetime warranty.

PerfectSight users receive product discounts, free replacement screen protectors, and a lifetime warranty. If your PerfectSight screen protector is cracked or damaged, you can request a replacement screen protector online for the same model you purchased.