2G Energy – A Net-0 Future: Why Hydrogen is the Next Big Thing in Sustainable Energy

Companies globally are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute positively towards the fight against climate change.

Energy supply is at the centre of this conversation because of years of harmful businesses practices conducted by those supplying more traditional forms of fuel.

In this article, we’ll look at why hydrogen is viewed as the answer to environmental concerns with regards to energy and how it can be applied.

The lowdown on hydrogen energy

Hydrogen is now a fuel used within CHP units, but what is CHP? Combined Heat and Power, sometimes known as Cogeneration, is a decentralised power supply that possesses the technology to harness the heat that is produced when electricity is generated so it can be used as a thermal energy.

Unfortunately, more traditional CHP units, boilers, and power plants emit harmful chemicals into the atmosphere after generating that electricity because they are not efficient enough.

However, CHP systems that can run on up to 100% hydrogen, a carbon neutral chemical, don’t harm the environment.

Other chemicals that are a by-product of energy production and can’t be utilised are referred to as waste. Hydrogen CHP units are a wonderful step in the right direction in energy production thanks to how efficient they are and how sustainable hydrogen is as a chemical.

When hydrogen is used or emitted into the earth’s atmosphere, it causes next to no damage as it isn’t made up of the harmful composition that other chemicals have.

Rather than the dangerous and problematic toxins that other gases and liquids possess, hydrogen is generally safe thanks to its simple composition.

What 2G does

The technology to run a CHP unit on hydrogen, at either 100% hydrogen or mixed with other gases, is a challenge for a lot of companies, but not 2G. The H2-ready CHP means your system’s harmful toxins will be greatly reduced, saving it from being dispersed into our atmosphere.

The feat of technology is revolutionary in the energy industry, making our hydrogen CHPs one of a kind and much sought after.

Delivering an efficient system for consumers not only saves them money down the line, but also means there is no chemical waste like there tends to be from more centralised power sources.

The hydrogen CHP systems can work with a combination of several types of gas and still operate optimally, making it a versatile and dynamic unit.

Knowing that hydrogen CHP units achieve carbon neutrality appeals to countless consumers and the wider public.

Because the hydrogen CHP units are economically attractive as well, it means that more consumers than ever can be part of the battle against carbon emissions in the environment. Affordable hydrogen CHPs mean that the reasons to implement this technology are vastly reduced for organisations.

Hydrogen is seen as the future in energy production because of its clean nature. For more detail on how hydrogen can be used, 2G has all the information you need.