3 Benefits of Using Walleye Rods for Beginners

Walleyes are a popular but elusive game fish that can be found all over North America and they can reach up to 25 pounds. Also known as Pickerel in Canada, these fish tend to stick to deeper water. It’s because of their sweet and savory taste and ease to filet that these fish are so sought-after. To catch walleye, you need the best walleye rod

Not only do these fishing rods offer great versatility and are able to handle many different fishing techniques, but they can also improve your casting distance. A good walleye rod will be engineered to give you impressive distance, which means you’ll be able to cast your bait or lure further, increasing your chances of success. Because walleye fishing rods are so versatile, beginners can use them while they’re learning more about the different fishing techniques there are, and become more confident.

If you’re keen to catch these fish but aren’t quite convinced yet that you should buy a specific rod just for this purpose, continue reading. We’re going to discuss the three main benefits of using walleye rods, and why beginners should definitely consider them.

Optimal Sensitivity

Walleye rods are specifically crafted to offer exceptional sensitivity to anglers. They typically feature a lightweight construction and a highly responsive tip, enabling beginners to detect the most delicate nibbles. This heightened sensitivity plays a crucial role in recognizing when a fish shows interest in the bait, significantly enhancing the likelihood of a fruitful catch. If you’re missing out on catches because you didn’t notice a bite, you’ll love this level of sensitivity.

Balance and Control

Walleye rods are crafted with precision, striking a perfect harmony between flexibility and strength. This delicate balance empowers beginner anglers with optimal control while possessing ample power to tackle medium-sized fish, such as walleye. Thanks to this, you get a lot more accurate casting, and you’ll have the ability to manipulate the movement of your lures or bait with finesse and accuracy. Even if you, as a beginner, don’t have much finesse and accuracy yet, you can still build these skills with the right rod, which makes walleye rods a good choice.


Walleye rods are made of resilient materials like graphite or fiberglass, ensuring their ability to endure and meet the demands of fishing. This durability proves advantageous for beginners who may still be refining their skills in handling and maintaining their fishing equipment. A robust Walleye fishing rod can withstand accidental knocks, drops, and other instances of mishandling, offering greater resistance to breakage and prolonging its lifespan.

As you can see, the benefits of using walleye rods are quite impressive, and if you weren’t sold on them already, you’re likely starting to feel really good about them by now. Because of the specialized design of walleye rods, you’ll have a lot more fun and success while fishing for these fish. Normally, they have a medium action, medium power rating, and appropriate length for catching walleye with more ease. This specialized design can help beginners to have much more ‘luck’ and really enjoy their fishing experience.

Now that you know why a walleye rod is a good idea, the ball is in your hands—it’s time to go shopping for a new, awesome rod so you can catch all the walleye you can handle! You’ll be happy to know that walleye rods are available in a wide range of price points, and beginners will be able to buy a good rod without spending a fortune. These rods offer specific advantages for catching walleye, and these benefits, such as good control and durability are also good for beginners who are still figuring out how proper fishing really works. 

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