3 Booming Post-Covid Business Sectors

Even those of us lucky enough to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic hale and hearty will have to deal with a world that’s been changed permanently with whirlwind pace in its wake.

For instance, the much mooted digital transformation we’ve been talking about for 20 years has now happened in less than a year and many businesses who are able to will likely choose to remain fully remote or at least implement completely flexible working forever.

There are pros and cons to this evolving situation but certain firms could see silver lining benefits if they position themselves properly.

With that in mind, here are three booming post-Covid business sectors.

  1. Digital marketing

Since Covid-19 struck, companies who already have a digital presence and can operate at least partially online have been revamping their digital touchpoints to make them much more customer-friendly. Meanwhile, countless businesses with solely physical operating models have been scrambling to get online, to keep in touch with customers and let them know they’re still around while they adapt. Through raising client awareness of government digital grants, digital marketing agencies are profiting from this rapid transformation and will likely continue to do so for some time.

  1. Home exterior specialists

While the holiday industry sadly suffers worldwide, the building sector is benefitting from homeowners choosing to invest in property renovations instead of splashing out on expensive annual holidays. This development obviously boosts builders, tradesmen, and craftsmen and the knock-on effect is that niche suppliers also benefit – like K-Rend specialists Direct Building Products, who supply durable exterior finishing brands. While interior home improvements always enhance a living space, sprucing up your home exterior improves its aesthetic appeal for you and your family while also possibly increasing the resale value.

  1. Business psychology

Many business owners who are weathering the storm and perhaps even thriving as well as surviving using a remote operational model will be asking themselves why they ever wasted time on expensive overheads like business premises. However, once remote working is the default mode for entire industries, workers will have a choice of where they want to ply their trades and this is why getting to grips with business psychology is as important as ensuring that your staff has the tech to allow them to do their work properly. Imposing an inflexible, autocratic, top-down management style on employees operating a part of your business from their own homes is unwise and might feel more akin to house arrest than a job. Putting trust first and being as flexible as possible with business hours can benefit everybody, increase retention and still satisfy customers. With that in mind, emotional intelligence consultancies like School of Life are benefitting from advising switched-on firms about how to adapt smoothly to the new normal.

If you operate in any of the above niches, there’s a good chance that you can provide valuable services to individuals and other businesses striving to make the best of the most challenging time in the post-war period – and keep your own corporate ship afloat at the same time.

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