3 Businesses AI is Maximising Security For

Businesses that function online must have appropriate security to keep both their sensitive information secured as well as their customers. This is especially important for businesses that store personal information and collect data from their customers. Artificial intelligence has become increasingly used in the cybersecurity of businesses to identify online threats and stop them immediately. Below we will go through three businesses in which artificial intelligence is playing a role to maximise security. 


The gaming industry has seen a huge amount of growth in recent years thanks to advancements in technology increasing the accessibility to gaming significantly. Access to the internet is more widespread than ever before, and people are able to connect from all around the world and play games on their mobile devices. Previously you would need to have a laptop or desktop computer to play your favourite video games, but nowadays, all you need is a mobile phone and a connection to the internet, and you can join an online casino game such as Online slots UK with no problem.

This increased access to the world of gaming has made it a target for cyberattacks for those trying to steal sensitive information and money from players. Luckily, artificial intelligence is one of the new ways of combating this and is being used a lot more in the industry. AI algorithms are capable of detecting fraudulent activity online by analysing a huge amount of data at one time, recognising unusual patterns and suspicious activity. 

The AI algorithm can then stop the cyberattack before any damage can be done to the business or customer. What makes artificial intelligence so powerful for online security is that it is constantly learning new ways in which fraudulent activity may occur. This means that it is always updating the different patterns that are considered unusual, making it capable of keeping up with the new ways to perform a cyberattack. 


It is extremely important for a business involved in the finance sector to have strong online security to protect its customers. If someone was able to gain access to the banking information of customers, then this could lead to a huge amount of money being stolen and untold damage to the business’s reputation. For this reason, it is important for businesses involved in finance to have the best possible online security to prevent attempts of fraud. 

Artificial intelligence has the potential to significantly improve the online security of a business which is already being implemented in the world of finance. AI is being used in finance to analyse data and make predictions about the financial forecast so that decisions can be made to maximise profits. However, it is also being used to make the security of businesses in finance more secure and less vulnerable to attacks online.

It does this through AI algorithms that can detect fraudulent activity and stop the attack before they are able to gain access to sensitive data and commit financial crimes. This saves both the banks and customers a lot of money, and as new methods are created to mount online attacks, the AI algorithm will adapt and learn to recognise them, allowing the security of online businesses in finance to keep on top of those with malicious intent. 


Artificial intelligence has already been implemented into the healthcare industry, with AI algorithms playing an important role in diagnostic imaging. It is used to assist in detecting irregularities on things like MRIs, X-rays, and CT scans which aren’t easily spotted by humans. AI algorithms are also being used to protect the sensitive data of patients, including their medical history, diagnoses, and treatment. It is important when collecting and storing extremely personal information, like a patient’s medical notes, that steps are taken as a business to optimise the protection of this data. 

This is where artificial intelligence comes in, as it strengthens the online security of this information and reduces the chance of a data leak and a successful cyber attack from occurring. Privacy is extremely important in the healthcare industry. Therefore, the more trust patients have in the businesses storing their personal information, the more likely they will be comfortable using them. For this reason, having a strong reputation when it comes to online security is crucial for businesses in healthcare to thrive. 


The power of artificial intelligence has not yet been unlocked. However, it is already being implemented across a number of different sectors for several different uses. It is clear that AI will play an important role in online security due to its ability to analyse vast amounts of data in a short period of time and detect suspicious activity with great success. Importantly, it is the ability of artificial intelligence to constantly learn that makes it such a powerful tool in online security, constantly updating its algorithm to identify new forms of cyber attacks. 

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