3 Jobs in The Fitness Industry You May Want To Try

The best types of jobs out there are the ones that feel like a hobby. It helps to have an occupation that you are passionate about, as it motivates you to perform well and can lessen stress brought about by the job. If you are into health and fitness, working in the fitness industry would be a perfect fit.

Occupations in the fitness scene vary in coverage and qualifications, and you need to pick one that you can qualify for and, more importantly, one that you will enjoy. You might want to check out some jobs in the fitness scene.

Pilates Instructor

Pilates is one of the more popular workouts today. Developed in the early 20th century, it focuses on building core muscle strength and flexibility and aims to identify your body’s limits and how you can work on them. If you have mastered doing pirates for a long time now, then you could be cut out for the job.

There are several responsibilities to being a pilates instructor. This includes providing personal or group training to pilates students, designing a workout plan for the students, and more. The salary can vary depending on your employment, but it can fall near $50,000.00.

So how does one become an instructor? You don’t need a college degree to become one, so anyone already well-versed can sign up for the job. That leaves you with one option: Train as a Pilates instructor and earn a certification. 

There are several benefits to training as a pilates teacher. One is legitimacy; undergoing the training and passing the exam gives you a certificate legitimizing the occupation. Another is learning from experienced pilates instructors, who will be providing you with valuable knowledge and tips. Finally, this training can help you forge connections with these instructors, who may help recommend you to good employers or clients when the time comes.

You can enroll in an instructor training center, select your courses, and undergo training for an indicated time frame. You will also have to take examinations. Once you get your certification, you can then look for jobs.

Whether you want to practice it full-time or as a part-time hustle, being a pilates instructor is an excellent in-demand job within the fitness industry, so if you have a passion for the practice, go for it.

Fitness/Gym Trainer

If you prefer other teaching types of workouts or want to do more than just one fitness practice, then you can be a fitness trainer instead. This is especially true if you like going to gyms with the necessary equipment. You could be a personal trainer and train one client at a time or hold classes for a whole group. You could be looking at a salary of $46,920 to $79,899.

You can do without a college degree to be a fitness trainer. Still, it is encouraged to have one related to health and wellness, like a physical education degree, as it appeals more to hiring gyms. If you have a different degree, it will help if you have related courses. However, having a high school diploma or a GED can be adequate.

Whether you opt for a related degree or not, the real test lies in getting the certification as a trainer. You need at least a certification for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), which helps assist clients in unwanted emergencies. 

After undergoing the programs and getting the certificates, you will select the fitness specialties you want, cardio, yoga, or Crossfit. Enter the classes, and take the courses. Afterward, you will need certification as a fitness trainer to gain verification and credibility for future clients. You can approach verified agencies like the American Council of Exercise for this. 

When you get your certification, you can start working. It helps to start working part-time and learn from observing fellow trainees know how to go through the job.

Gym Staff

If you like being around gyms but do not necessarily want to be an instructor, you can work as a gym staff. The nature of the job is to consistently keep the gym in excellent condition for members to use. It has different responsibilities and positions like front desk, maintenance, records keeper, and more.

Qualifications for being staff typically depend on the gym. Since the responsibility is different from that of instructors,’ you would not necessarily need a degree. Still, it helps to have a piece of general knowledge in terms of gym equipment and etiquette and even administrative work. You can get additional training upon hiring. Salary may typically range from $21,500 to $33,000.

If you want to work at a gym or do some part-time work, you could consider being a gym staff member. You could have perks such as free membership, allowing you to work out and use equipment you want. 

To Sum it Up

Several fitness jobs are available for you, with different fields, responsibilities, and qualifications. Make sure to research specific jobs as personal trainers in Charlotte NC you want to apply for and see if it’s something you can sign up for and commit to.

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