3 Reasons why Recycling Battery is a Good Idea

In our everyday lives, we come across recycled products and the message about how important it is to undertake recycling. Apart from recycling being something that we should participate in, we should also be aware of the immense benefits of recycling to humankind and the planet’s environment as a whole.

Recycling is advantageous to our environment, through it we are able to recover harmful harmful elements that would have ended up in landfills and eventually end up polluting water and the earth.

If you are thinking of recycling your used batteries, below are some of the benefits you should know of;

  1. Getting Paid

At some point, you must have asked yourself, why should I go through the hustle of recycling my batteries? It does not matter who you are but batteries form a part of your daily life, at least if you are living in “civilization”.

Alarms, clocks, cell phones, PCs, cars, electric tools, solar systems, and lights are some of the examples of where we interact with batteries in our daily lives. If you were to count how many batteries you interact with on a daily basis, you will be amazed at the number.

Recycling used batteries is a simple way to reduce costs and earn some cash. To you the battery has gone through its lifespan and is scrap but to the recyclers, you are holding something of value and they will happily pay to take your old and used batteries.

  1. Helps Keep Dangerous Materials away from Landfills.

When batteries are wrongly disposed of in landfills, they breakdown and end up leaking dangerous chemicals into the ground water, this water easily finds its way into rivers and lakes endangering lives in their ecosystems. The materials are not only harmful to human beings but to the general environment.

Some of the dangerous materials found in batteries are lithium-ion, lead acid, and cadmium; they are amongst some of the most dangerous environmental pollutants that if not disposed of carefully can find their way back into our homes through our foods.

Recycling therefore gives us a way of protecting our health and that of the environment in a significant way.

In other instances battery explosions may occur in the waste facilities leading to fires that can prove challenging to put out. Some battery types are more prone to causing fires if exposed to heat. They need to be properly handled to minimize fire and risks of explosion.

Button type cells pose a major safety issue and danger to children as they can swallow them leading to medical complication or even death. These batteries should be safely stored and deposited at the recycling points as soon as they are out of use.

  1. Conservation of Resources

The materials used in making of batteries are expensive and hard to come by. They are harmful but when carefully handled and properly used, they pose no danger at all.

Raw materials like nickel, cobalt, lithium, and lead are what the battery manufacturers need for creating new batteries. The challenge the manufacturers have is that these materials are non-renewable and are very expensive to mine. Recycling make you conserve resources while lowering the need new raw materials.

The raw materials used in making solar batteries are nearly almost infinitely recyclable, but if they are dumped in landfills they just go to waste. Recycled materials are taken to the manufacturers for reuse, this helps in lowering the cost of production that eventually get reflected in the cost of new batteries.

As a result of recycling, resources get conserved, pollution is reduced and the economy is positively impacted.

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