3 smart tips ways to handle business administration

When you set up a business there is an awful lot to take into account. You may have noticed by now that there is a fair amount of paperwork involved. For people who run a business, the most important thing is to keep the day-to-day things going. This is the priority after all. Yet this can lead, certainly in the long run, to the administration not being properly maintained. This can happen, but certainly in the long run it can be disastrous for a company. That is why it is important to get everything in order. We have listed a few useful tips for you so that you can avoid ending up in a bad situation.


It is important to set up a good system that works for you right from the start. For example, you can keep all invoices or receipts in one place. What we also see a lot is that all this paperwork is scanned and stored digitally. That way, not only do you ensure that nothing gets lost, but you can also find the documents again within a few mouse clicks. You can put everything in the right folders and add a date to a title. It is an efficient way of keeping track of everything. It also saves an external party a lot of time finding the right papers. 

A tray system

Do you prefer to keep your papers? Then you can choose to set up a filing system. Actually, with this you create the same folders as you would use online. Often, five trays are used. The first tray contains the incoming invoices. In the second tray, you can put outgoing invoices. The receipts can be kept in the third tray. The fourth bin can be made into a fiscal bin. Here you can put everything that has to do with taxes. In the last container you can collect all legal documents. This tactic proves to be very effective. However, it is important that the entire administration is regularly updated. We recommend doing this once every fortnight.

Improve credit management

A company can only function well when everything is in order, especially the financial part. Credit management plays an important role here. Although many companies prefer not to outsource this, we recommend doing so. They take on the management of debtors and collections. Another option is to use credit management software to keep track of everything. This way, costly mistakes can be avoided and you ensure that there is a good cash flow within a company. This is important for running a healthy business.

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