3 Tips for Making a Quick Hire

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On average, it takes about four weeks to find a new employee.

As an employer, you want to take your time and find the best fit for each role instead of rushing through the process and making the wrong hires. However, it’s not always that have the luxury of time. There are times you’ll need to make a quick hire, such as when a crucial employee leaves their role without giving you adequate notice.

So, how do you fill a role within a few days while ensuring you’re getting the best possible employee? You’ve come to the right place for advice.

  1. Get Referrals from Your Employees

Your current employees are a great resource when you’re looking to hire quickly. But you must take the initiative and ask them if they know anyone who’d be a good fit for a role that just opened up.

If you can get a couple of contacts, you’ll skip the process of making a job advertisement and waiting for interested job seekers to apply. These alone take about two weeks off the hiring process.

Since you already have some background information about those referrals, you can reach out and invite them for an interview as soon as it’s convenient for them. You’ll also need to make them a great offer, especially if they’re already employed elsewhere. That’ll give them more motivation to quit their current roles and join your organization.

  1. Recruit Remotely

Remote recruitment isn’t hugely popular among many employees because of, among other factors, poor candidate engagement. However, there are many benefits of recruiting remotely. One of them is it hastens the hiring process.

With remote hiring, candidates no longer need to commute and come to the office for an interview. Instead, they can hop on a zoom call from wherever they are in the world and get the interview going.

Onboarding can also be done remotely. As long as you have the right digital tools for onboarding, there won’t be any major challenges.

  1. Create Precise Candidate Profiles

In instances where you have to post a job ad and wait for interested candidates to apply, ensure the job profile is as precise as possible. Flesh out the professional qualifications and occupational skills the ideal employee must have. If you want a worker with certain personal attributes, list them as well.

A precise candidate profile goes a long way in ensuring most of the candidates who will apply are as closely suited to the role (and your organization) as possible. Receiving several applications from job seekers who don’t possess even half of what you’re looking for will make first hiring impossible. Heck, you might not even get the right employee.

Make the Right Quick Hire

Employers have to be prepared to replace an employee or recruit for a new role within a short time. While making a quick hire isn’t difficult, finding the right person on short notice is. With these tips, though, you now know some of the best strategies for fast recruitment.

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