3 Useful Tips to Work Productively While Homebound

You have been working from home for a quite a while now since the pandemic started. But you’re still not really getting the hang of it. You find yourself easily distracted in between online meetings and can’t seem to work in a productive way. Well, it’s your lucky day, because in this article, we will help you work efficiently and thus productively while working from home.

1.    Make sure your home is a work friendly environment

While working from home, it is crucial to create a good working space. The better the work environment, the more productive you tend to be. In order to create a functional workspace you are going to need good equipment. You can easily rent a Macbook or rent an Ipad where the needed software is already installed. If you (like us) only know how to turn your computer on and off, this can save you from a lot of struggles and time. Secondly , the environment of your workplace is essential for your productivity. Make sure you are in a room with a lot of light. If you are easily distracted, don’t sit in the main living spaces such as the living or dining room. If you have extra space in the garage, transform it to your home office. It is also a great idea to bring plants into your workspace, plants can be a huge contribution to concentration and thus productivity!

2.    Play background music

Have you ever tried listening to music while working? For people who are easily distracted, it might not be a good idea to listen to music that you know the lyrics of. Try to listen to melodies instead of actual songs. For a lot of people, music can make you feel happy. And happiness can have a positive effect on your motivation and productivity. Music can also result in creativity and great ideas. However, not everyone can concentrate on listening to happy upbeat music. Some people like classical music, while others like Rhythm & Base. In any case, take a look at Spotify or Itunes Music playlists. There is a playlist for you out there! You only have to go and explore what suits you. A tip that we would like to give you is the Study Zone playlist, a playlist with relaxed and calm hits.

3.    Keep in touch with your colleagues

Unfortunately, you don’t speak to your colleagues as much as you did before lockdown. You only see in the weekly zoom meeting. The absence of small talk with your colleagues in your lunch break or at the copying machine can be pitiful. Though it is important to reach out to your colleagues outside of your work. Don’t hesitate to give favourite colleagues a call to chit chat about your personal life. Ask them to meet with you. Go for a walk together, gossip about your bosses and grab a coffee. It is important to stay in contact with your colleagues, because there will be a day when everyone goes back to work.

With these tips, we will guarantee you that you will work productively while working at home.

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