3 Ways Estate Agents Can Help Buyers

While some claim that real estate agents are soon to become a thing of the past, thanks to the ease of listing and viewing properties online, many still accept that agents play a vital role in assisting sellers with marketing and processing the sale of their property, given that sellers often don’t have the time, knowledge, or resources to do so effectively.  Fewer, however, realise that estate agents Dublin can be a valuable asset for buyers as well.

Estate agents save time

Scrolling through online listings can be really time consuming. While it is possible to set notifications for homes that are newly listed that fit certain parameters, most buyers still end up spending hours online wading through listings trying to find their ideal home. Buyers who hire an estate agent, however, have the option of giving them their wish list, and then having the agent come back with a limited selection of high-probability candidates. This means that it’s possible for a buyer to spend much less time scouring the internet in search of their dream home, and can get to making an offer to purchase quicker.

Estate agents play matchmaker

Trying to buy a house can feel much the same as dating. It’s very possible for buyers to go from viewing to viewing and not find a home that’s the ‘right fit’. But, buyers who hire an agent (aka matchmaker) are more likely to find viable options without the hours of disappointment. Good agents can also help buyers think outside the box by showing how or why a certain house that doesn’t seem like a buyer’s ‘ideal’ on paper might actually be just the right place for them in practice.

Estate agents offer objectivity

Buying a home can be an emotional process. From experiencing highs of finding a place you love to lows when an offer is rejected, buyers can find themselves on a rollercoaster, sometimes for months. An estate agent can help buyers navigate this time and get a good deal by indicating whether or not the house they’ve just fallen in love with is worth the asking price, what adaptations could be made to a ‘less-than-perfect’ option to make it a dream home with time, or what they can do to avoid a sale falling through the next time. Sound advice from a good agent can also help buyers avoid buyers remorse later on.


For anyone looking to buy a home and considering hiring an agent to help them in this endeavour, conducting a real estate agent comparison is essential. This is because as much help as an agent can be, no one wants to get stuck with someone who is not going to fight in their corner or put in the necessary amount of effort to find the right property. Once a buyer has found an agent that is capable, professional, and with whom they have good rapport, though, their home buying journey is likely to go a whole lot smoother.

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