3 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills at Work

Communication skills are the most sought-after traits of any employee. Whether you work with people from various cultures and backgrounds, or you regularly connect with international clients, communication is the bond that holds business relationships together.

A recent study found that only about 20% of a person’s success at work is based on their technical skills and industry knowledge. The rest is made up of effective communication that helps to build strong connections with the people that you work with. Everyone can benefit from improving their communication skills at work by considering these three methods.

Tone and Body Language

Each person will respond differently, so depending on who you are talking to, your methods of communication should vary. What this means is that one form of communication cannot be used for every person that you encounter. For some people, it may be okay to greet them casually and communicate openly, whereas with others, you have to be more formal.

Just as with the way that you communicate verbally, your body language can say more than you are willing to. For example, crossing your arms against your chest is an indication that you are defensive with the other person and feel uneasy in the discussion. It is vital that you always have an open demeanour that encourages people to communicate with you.

Broaden Your Languages

In today’s business world, you will deal with more and more people from different regions of the world. It is the norm to work with partners and employees who speak another language. It has become mandatory for many businesses to employ a translation company so that the communication barrier can be bridged between colleagues. Utilising a translation agency can be very handy if you work with anyone that is from another country.

Understanding another person’s language can help to communicate better, and avoid situations being misunderstood. Employ a translation agency like Global Voices who can help you communicate with any individual globally. This agency is specialised in over 150 languages, and they employ 9,500 qualified linguistics to help their clients with any translation and interpretation needed. Global Voices also works with medical and legal transcriptions within the public and private sectors of the UK.

Listen Before You Speak

One of the best ways to improve your communication skills is to let the other person do most of the talking. When you respond too quickly to a statement or situation, you may miss vital information. Listen intently, and make the other person feel that you are fully involved in what they have to say.

Sometimes, just by listening more, you identify a better way to handle a particular situation. First, listen to everything without judgement. Then take your time to respond in an appropriate manner. People like to talk, and as a species, humans like to be heard. Maintain eye contact throughout the conversation, as this tells the other person that you are interested in their opinion.

Communication within the workplace isn’t difficult to improve. It just takes simple attention to detail, treating everyone you encounter with respect, and learning how to understand the other person more effectively.

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