3 Ways to Make Your Company Stand Out Among the Crowd

It can be challenging to try and find ways to make your business stand out from the crowd in today’s modern world. One of the problems that so many companies face, is that the modern consumer is inundated with more messages than ever before. Smartphones and the prominence of the internet have left people constantly being advertised to, and after a while, this can create some real barriers. While the world of marketing and advertising is an exciting one, it always has a large number of challenges to face.

Finding new and creative ways to make connections with customers is challenging, but it’s not impossible. While modern technology may have put more information in the hands of the average consumer than ever, there are also exciting ways to make a lasting impression.

If you have been wanting to find out how you can make your company stand out among the crowd, here is everything you need to know!

1.   Invest in SEO

One of the greatest challenges that face modern businesses is visibility in a digital world. Thanks to mammoth search engines like Google, there is now more information and access to that information than ever before. Google is the most popular search engine on the planet and people use it for everything from finding a new cookie recipe to finding reviews for their next vehicle purchase.

The reason that Google’s search engine represents a challenge to businesses is that it isn’t uncommon to see literally millions of Google results per search. If your business doesn’t have a good Google ranking, a term that refers to how close your website shows to the top of the results, it can be lost. This means that even if you have a superior good or service, and even if you are a leader in your field of business, it will be hard to gain attention without a good Google ranking.

So one of the best ways to literally stand out from the competition is to have a great Google ranking, and that’s where SEO comes into the picture. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is comprised of content that Google finds to be of high value. Good SEO will involve things like blogs, articles, keywords, backlinks, and even website accessibility and mobile friendliness, which all impacts Google’s view of worth. The higher value that Google associates with a website, the better ranking it will receive in Google search results.

2.   Custom Shipping

While technology has afforded a lot of great advancements and advantages, such as SEO and viral marketing, certain marketing techniques have lasted the ages for a reason. One of those techniques is customer shipping. Utilizing custom mailer boxes allows you to create a tangible connection in the physical world with your customer. There are a lot of advantages that using custom mailer boxes brings to the table.

When a customer receives a piece of custom branded packaging, it’s giving that customer an experience with your brand that is memorable and appreciated. Packages in general seem to have their own excitement and thrill, as even non-descript boxes can still spike notes of wonder. When you take this kind of energy and brand it with beautiful artwork or unique designs that are an extension of your brand, you can create a unique moment with your customers.

For eCommerce businesses that may not have a brick-and-mortar location, this can be a wonderful opportunity to actually make a physical touch point with your customers. Not only are custom mailer boxes a chance to show off beautiful designs that reflect your brand, but they are also a chance to tell your customers they are worth the experience.

3.   Focus on Customer Service

As the world gets bigger and bigger and more and technology opens the door to more and more opportunities for businesses to enter the market, customer service is of vital importance. In a digital age when people can order everything from their groceries to their favorite hobby equipment from the comfort of their phone, creating unique physical touch points with a customer is challenging.

One of the ways that you can win over loyalty in customers, is by giving them an exceptional experience. While this is nothing new to the world of business, it’s never been more important. Great customer service doesn’t just look like human interactions though, but now includes customer experience on your digital platforms like apps and websites.


Finding ways to connect with your customers and stand out from the competition is challenging, but it’s also always been at the heart of great marketing success. In the digital age, finding ways to physically make connections with your customers through Google ranking, custom shipping, and great customer service is a great place to start.

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