3 Ways to Save Old Company VHS Tapes From Being Thrown Away

Back in the days when online streaming and the internet were not a thing, everyone used VHS tapes. Whether for entertainment (renting movies, making family videos) or for business (storing and sharing presentations, plans, and more), the videocassette was the main storage medium everyone used. 

So, it’s possible that older companies still have some VHS tapes in their storage. If this is the case and you want to clear out the office space (VHS tapes occupy quite a lot of storage) but don’t feel like throwing the tapes away, here are a few things you can do:

#1: Convert Old VHS Tapes to Digital Format

If the tapes are still working and the content is sensitive (old business plans, recordings of meetings, or anything else related to business secrets) and maybe a bit nostalgic, try to turn it into a digital format for better storage and use. 

You can use a video transfer service, where you just send the tapes to the company doing the transfer and wait to receive the content in digital format. This type of service is extremely useful if you want to retrieve the best quality of content possible without damaging the tapes. Also, if you have many tapes to process, it saves time and resources.

Quick tip: once you have the content in digital format, you can use cloud storage to avoid cluttering your office space or servers. Also, you may be able to use the content in a marketing campaign, reminding current customers about how the business started and where it is in the present.

#2: Sell Them Online

Did you know there is a market for old VHS tapes out there? True, the ones that are on everyone’s most-wanted list come with precious and rare video content (like an original Star Wars tape in its original case), but some people will also buy empty tapes. 

So, all you have to do to get rid of the ones in your office is erase the content (for privacy and confidentiality reasons) and wipe off the dust. Also, don’t forget to post an ad on sites like Amazon, Craigslist, or eBay and wait for the offers to come to you. 

Still, don’t expect too much revenue out of this. In fact, your biggest win will be that extra office space and the peace of mind that the VHS tapes you inherited don’t lay in a landfill somewhere.

#3: Turn it Into a Teambuilding Activity

Some people are just incredibly creative and can turn anything into a DIY project. The same is true about old VHS tapes – there are some extremely interesting arts and crafts ideas out there that turn old tapes into coffee tables, pencil cases, picture frames, and more.

So why not take this one step further and use your VHS tapes to create a unique and rewarding team-building activity? 

Here are a few of the steps you may have to take:

  • Gather your old tapes and have them erased and cleaned
  • Find the instructions for turning the tapes into objects that can be used in the office and print them
  • Buy all the supplies and tools you’ll need for the project
  • Set Up a table in the office where your employees can drop by and work on the project of their choice

Arts and crafts can be a stress-relieving activity, and by creating the space and supplying the tools, you provide employees with a safe space where they can relax and connect with their colleagues.

In Summary

Even though their time has passed, VHS tapes can still be useful in today’s highly digitized world. You just need to find them a purpose.

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