3 Ways UX Can Help Your Business Moving Forward

Growing a business can be a tough challenge. There are a lot of things to consider and a lot of things to manage. Whether or not the business is a small one or you are managing a large scale photo studio, the challenge of seeing things in a new way or moving in a different direction to grow the business can be a tricky one. Therefore, this article seeks to give some advice on how to move a business forward by using simple UX tricks. UX stands for User Experience and to make a long story short – UX is about the user and the journey the user goes through when using a product or wanting to buy a product.  

Getting to know the user 

First of all, in any UX process, you need to know the user. A great tool often used when working with UX is the creation of personas. Personas is a way of personalizing data and facts into manageable fictive persons. Personas are a way for your business to create demographics, who are based on reality and hard data, and put them into a different context. 

When creating personas the most important thing is to never make it stereotypical. It needs to be based on facts and data about the consumer. The closer it can get to being a ‘real’ person, the easier it is to move forward with the next tasks. 

Creating a journey 

Next step is creating a journey for the persona. Putting the persona into a real context and seeing how they will react is a great way to know where and when your business can help. As an example – lets say you are a kitchen manufacturer. You currently only deal with B2B and do no marketing towards B2C. In that scenario, the customers journey towards buying your kitchen only starts, when they go to a kitchen store and meet the product. Your products aren’t in the research phase that happens online or in magazines, cause you aren’t branding. 

Touchpoints can be very useful

Touchpoints are the areas where your product and the consumer meet each other. When creating a journey for the persona the persona might encounter your product or service in a variety of different occasions. Depending on the persona it might be in a lot of ways they encounter your service. Each way is a touchpoint and they are important to be aware of. Every touchpoint creates a story for your service and product and that story needs to reflect positivity and have great associations to your brand and company. 

With everything you now know about your target group and your persona, you know how to handle them at each touchpoint. That is also one of the reasons why personas and immense knowledge about your target demographic is one of the most important things when wanting to grow your business. 

When wanting to grow your own business, you need to take a look at each of the touchpoints and improve the experience for the consumer. You can do this with the help of the best UI design company.

It is a process 

When working with UX, you are never done. What is meant by that, is the fact that everything changes. Over time consumers change behavior or something happens in life that makes consumers turn to another direction. No matter what it is, you need to keep updating every step of the UX journey. Every aspect of UX analysis has to be updated because it is so dependent on recent data and trends. So not to stale or to have incorrect information over time, you need to update everything and think of it as a process.

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