A 360-Degree View: Improving Customer Engagement with FSM Software

To get repeat orders, client servicing is very critical for any service business, including field services. From closing the sales, taking order requirements, dispatching field service technicians, to making payments – the complete cycle involves various touchpoints to impress them or lose them forever.

Thus, for field service businesses, it is important to adopt field service management software that includes customer relationship management features. Digitization helps you gain visibility on how you’re working with your customers – read more to learn how.

Various touchpoints of managing field service business customers and challenges faced 

Field service business faces the following challenges in delivering a good customer experience across their journey:

  1. Appointment scheduling: your team may have to do constant back and forth with available workers to finalize an appointment time that is mutually acceptable to the customer and available worker. Cancellations and rescheduling make it even more difficult to streamline everything.
  2. Reaching the job site: field service technicians need to reach the job site on time and with the right material or equipment to ensure work gets done in a single visit. Workers may also have to adapt to unforeseen changes in job scopes due to improper customer onboarding.
  3. Maintaining communication: workers and office support staff have to be available to maintain an active line of communication during the work and post-completion. This includes maintaining relationships with offers and marketing campaigns.
  4. Taking customer feedback: workers need to be trained to ask and accept feedback for the job completed. One also has to maintain a record of this feedback to ensure the right field service technician gets assigned for the next order. No process for dispute management may lead to losing the customer forever. 
  5. Managing bills and payments: cash or cheques delay the payment cycles causing retention issues for field service technicians or vendor invoice delays. Manual invoicing is also error-prone and doesn’t include solid proofs in case of hourly payments.

Operating your business manually when it has so many customer touchpoints exposes your business to many risks of failure in delivering the promised service.

How Does Field Service Management Software Help Improve Customer Relationships?

Field service management software is a dedicated tool for automating and managing various tasks in delivering field service. For example, you can automate scheduling and dispatching as the software understands the job order requirements, finds available field service technicians, and assigns them the job by sending details. All of this can be done without much human intervention.

Field service management apps like Zuper come with dedicated features for managing customer relationships in the same software. Here’s how having such features enables better service delivery:

Complete Visibility on the Customer Journey

FSM software makes it possible to view how your customer is interacting with your team, workers, and business processes involved. Knowing this helps optimize processes to make them simpler and more real-time. The FSM app stores complete customer information, feedback, and service history making it easy to provide tailored service when required.

Personalized Marketing

Knowing 360 customer views also helps you design personalized campaigns based on their service history and field service technician preferences. It also helps you recommend services based on their job requirements. With the latest developments in artificial intelligence, personalization has become seamless and more targeted.

Share reports on completed work

Some field services may require reporting to customers regularly about performance for maintenance done. CRM enables you to track data and prepare reports to completely automate this workflow. It will also help you suggest a diagnosis on time in case of escalations.

Seamlessly integrate with other workflows

Field service management software with CRM capabilities helps enrich data for other operational workflows. For example, it is possible to share customer data with financial forecast systems and generate income reports generated with their engagement. It will create forecasts and make it possible to suggest campaigns accordingly to retain or upsell them to improve revenues.

Get started with having better relations with your customers

Field service management software with CRM features helps not only onboard new customers but also retain existing ones. At Zuper, our comprehensive CRM tools and integration capabilities help you scale your customer delivery – you can book a demo today with a professional who can help you in that area. 

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