Why is 3D hard gold is expensive and why is Rose K Gold is popular?

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3D hard gold jewelry is loved by everyone. Every piece of 3D hard gold jewelry is a work of art from design to production! Yes, it is expensive, but for a very good reason.

One ton of gold ore had to go through 37 processes which took more than 60 hours. It can produce 4 grams of gold sand on average! Then it undergoes continuous firing at very high temperature (1100 degrees Celsius), an electroforming process, and finally a dozen further processes which take over forty hours to complete.

One could say that your stylish 3D hard gold jewelry item is the result of a thousand years of hard work.

3D stands for three-dimensional, which in this case refers to how the jewelry is made. 3D hard gold is not a kind of gold or K gold. The term refers to the craftsmanship and technology required to make the item, which undergoes electroforming.


Electroforming, an additive manufacturing process, is used to produce high precision metal parts. With electroforming, it is possible to grow metal parts at an atomic level, i.e., atom-by-atom. This technology provides high aspect ratios and extreme accuracy.

Electroforming mainly improves the hardness and wear resistance of gold by enhancing its gold content, pH value, working temperature, organic light agent content, and agitation speed in the electroforming liquid.

What are the charms of 3D hard gold jewelry?

1. ‘3D hard gold’ technology has greatly improved the hardness and wear resistance of gold. The jewelry gold produced is high in hardness (Vickers hardness is 4 times that of ordinary gold), it has strong abrasion resistance, and the gold content can still be guaranteed at 999 or more. It can be turned into more complex shapes. It is also fine,hard, and has good anti-wear properties.

2. In addition, “3D Thousand of Gold” utilizes the electrodeposition molding process. Because of the improved hardness, there are more 3D hard gold jewelry styles. The stereoscopic effect is stronger which means it is possible to make super hard, high-purity, hollow gold jewelry or larger sizes in the same gram.

3. 3D hard gold features make it more suitable for products with design styling. All major brands apply their best brand themes to 3D hard gold.

3D hard gold jewelry maintenance work

How to maintain 3D hard gold jewelry as beautiful as ever. Do the following:

1. While you are wearing hard gold jewelry, be careful not to hit hard objects, i.e., make sure it does not collide with hard objects, especially sharp ones. There is a risk of damaging the hard gold surface which is difficult to repair.

2. Remove yellow gold jewelry when swimming to prevent chemical changes on the surface. Water in the ocean or swimming pools can damage the surface.

3. Soap, soap powder and other alkaline chemicals will change the color of gold. If you are going to clean the kitchen, for example, make sure you take off all your hard gold jewelry. The same applies for washing clothes or dishes.

4. Avoid direct contact with high-evaporative substances such as perfume or hair gel. These substances may cause gold jewelry to fade.

5. You also need to be careful when you are not wearing 3D hard gold. Your 3D hard gold mother’s ring, for example, should be stored separately in a jewelry box and wrapped in a velvet cloth. It is important to make sure that it does not scratch or collide with anything hard or sharp.

6. Use salt and vinegar mixed into a detergent to wipe pure gold jewelry. If you look after it properly, it can last forever. Wipe with toothpaste or hot rolled rice soup to restore the luster.

Why is Rose K Gold popular?

18K rose gold is usually mixed with 75% gold, 22.25% copper, and 2.75% silver. The mark of 18K rose gold is generally AU750, 18K or G750. After sparkling gold jewelry and classic elegant platinum jewelry, 18K rose gold has become the “heart of love” of many fashion-conscious individuals. Consumers are attracted to its beautiful color and unique shape.

1. 18k rose gold – a symbol of good love

18K rose gold is warm and romantic. It says more than one-thousand words ever could. Use 18K gold to impress her!

2. 18K rose gold – represents taste and fashion

People will recognize that the wearer has style and class. Compared with yellow platinum, 18K rose gold can be more in line with international fashion, reflecting the confidence, calmness, and elegance of modern women. In recent years, big international names have developed a soft spot for 18K rose gold. Whether it is Tiffany, Cartier, Bulgari, Van Cleef & Arpels and other international jewelry brands, 18K rose gold can be seen everywhere.

3. 18K rose gold – personalized

Retailers like getnamenecklace offer personalized jewelry, i.e., you can write somebody’s name or a personal message on them. 18K rose is extremely hard, not easy to wear, and has very strong plasticity. It can handle the delicate gold design better.

The process requirement of 18K rose gold is greater than that of full gold. Producing it requries more than ten processes, including pressing, drawing, heat treatment, electroplating, etc.

4. 18K rose gold – colorful treasure partner

18K rose gold is harder than pure gold. Compared with traditional couple jewelry gold and platinum, the 18K rose gold is bright enough to be the first choice for many gold and gemstone inlays. Rose gold not only makes the color of colored stones more intense, but also reflects the exquisiteness of metal materials.

5. 18K rose gold – delicate personality

Due to its moderate proportion, high ductility, great hardness, no deformation or scratching, it can be used in sophisticated and delicate gold design to create complex and exquisite ideas. 18K rose gold jewelry involved fine craftsmanship and a versatile style. Its style can be exquisite and changeable – full of personality.

6. 18K rose gold – comfortable to wear and cost-effective

Usually, more than 60% of gold jewelry does not typically cause skin allergies. 18K rose gold purity is 750 ‰, therefore, the purity is moderate, stable and durable. It is low cost and comfortable to wear.