4 All-Natural Ways That You Can Get More Followers for Instagram!

Instagram is a great platform for brands to establish an online presence and grow their following so they can drive traffic to landing pages and increase their conversions. Basically, the more your followers count, the more opportunities you have to engage with an online audience on Instagram.

But some brands want to take the easy way out to get more online followers by paying for likes and using paid follower sites.

The truth is, these shortcuts aren’t worth the time or money. Your Instagram following will mean nothing if it doesn’t equate to a following that interacts with your brand or makes any purchases.

What you need is a strategy for authentic and organic follower growth. Let’s walk you through four incredible tips you can consider to get more followers for Instagram.

1. Optimize Your Profile

Before you start thinking about how you can increase your follower count, one of the most crucial steps is to optimize your account. Think of your profile as a landing page to your account.

Without a good bio, correct username, or profile image, how will people associate your profile to your brand? It might seem pretty straightforward but simple things like image tags and captions are the foundations of a strong brand identity.

2. Create Engaging Content

The people who use Instagram love to share and comment on content they find very appealing. As such, you need to create high-value content that your audience will find irresistible.

If possible, try and hire a professional photographer who can also take good videos. If you want to create your own content, there are plenty of tools and platforms you can use to your advantage.

3. Create a Content Calendar and Stick With It

Posting content on Instagram at random is not a very good strategy for getting more followers. You need to create a posting schedule and stick with it.

Create a content calendar a month in advance, including dates and post times to avoid random posts at different times of the day. You’ll find that there are certain times you can post to get the most out of your content depending on your industry and target audience.

There are over a billion Instagram users every month so try publishing a few times throughout the day to cast your net even wider.

4. Join an Engagement Group

Engagement groups are a community of Instagram users who help each other gain more followers by liking and commenting on other members’ content in exchange for their own posts getting liked or commented.

This makes it very easy for you to get featured on the explore page, making it easy to increase your follower count organically.

Increase Your Followers for Instagram

Instagram is a very popular social media network where people communicate visually, and brands connect with different target audiences. But since the launch of Instagram Business, IGTV, and Instagram Ads, IG has become something more than just another social media network.

It has transformed into a playing field for marketers, companies, and influencers to promote their businesses. You too can curate an organic audience with the tips highlighted in this article to add more oomph into your online marketing efforts.

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