4 benefits of having a mobile phone signal booster for your business

Communication is the top priority in a business since it allows people to transmit and get what they want. But sometimes, exchanging ideas is not that simple, especially when there are loud distractions around or people are not engaged in a conversation. This can alter the message, thus leading to confusion and frustration regarding what customers want. On the other hand, the effects of poor communication between employees include stress, arguments, low morale and high turnover. 

One way to solve such an issue is to provide a unique communication channel that allows people to talk clearly and minimise any interruptions. Still, such channels will always have flaws; social platforms need an internet connection, and mobile phones need great signals to work correctly. Both problems can be solved by including a mobile phone signal booster, which we’ll discuss in the following paragraphs, along with the benefits of such technology. 

A signal booster can enhance in-building coverage 

The telecommunication industry has its limitations, but people still need mobile phones in their lives. Although most cellular usage per cent is indoors, which is also where most calls drop and slowed data occurs, mobile cellular subscriptions in the UK haven’t decreased since ten years ago. But that doesn’t mean the problems are not persisting. 

Since workers, clients, visitors and homeowners need a solid mobile signal indoors for performing their jobs and tasks, they must have it. The solution for this is a mobile phone booster enhancing 5G signals in key areas of the building or providing full in-building coverage for all cellular devices. Better signal applies to streaming apps, too, besides social applications and software programs. So, besides the excellent phone signal, you’ll also be able to access the internet with no problems. 

A mobile signal booster can increase the lifespan of your device’s batteries 

We’re already used to changing our phones frequently because of updates or poor software, but the poor signal can also affect the life cycle of your device. When you experience sudden cell service problems, the cause might be:

  • Heavy cellular traffic in your area. This can especially happen in condensed places of the city or around lunch or afternoon;
  • The building material used in your house. Metal and low-E glass are the most responsible for sudden signal drops;
  • The weather; humidity, thunder, wind, rain and slow can interfere with cell phones’ electromagnetic waves;

Although you can’t control these things, they are contributing to lowering your phone’s battery life span since it can overheat when trying to link with a cell tower whose signal is weak. This might explain why your battery drains so fast, considering those causes, but you can do something about it. If you want your business to flow even in these conditions, you might want to consider a mobile phone signal booster for your company. Such a device can improve network coverage, call quality and 3G/4G/LTE internet, and it doesn’t require complex installation and configuring. It works like this: you receive a small kit with a mobile repeater, an indoor and outdoor antenna and a power supply. You install them; then, the repeater will start catching and sending signals to the antennas, providing your devices with an improved signal. 

A signal booster can prepare you for emergencies 

Devices’ signals can be easily affected by certain factors, which can sometimes be fatal in case of an accident. Sometimes, a weak signal won’t even allow you to contact your national emergency service, which can determine if someone will make it out alive or not. So, if you want always to be prepared or know your work requires you always to have a great signal, a booster is the perfect technology to ensure safety when danger is around because it can provide connectivity even during:

  • Storms and natural disasters. When you find yourself in the middle of such an occurrence, an amplifier ensures you’re equipped with a good signal, no matter the gravity of the situation (as long as the cell tower remains operational);
  • An invasion. In such cases, you need a perfect signal in order to get help, which can be guaranteed at all times with a signal booster;
  • An injury. If you find yourself injured somewhere where there’s usually a lack of signal, you might want to have such a booster in your building so you can call for help whenever you are;

A mobile signal booster can support a second network

A Wi-Fi connection in an office building can sometimes drop since many devices are connected, or the connection can simply slow down if the network gets overloaded. Although regular people may overlook such an issue, a business can be deeply affected by unexpected low connectivity since it happens a few times a year. The industries that rely on customers, deliveries and such are the most affected since they’re not able to properly deliver information, which can lead to important income losses. 

But having a signal booster can help your business remain connected and productive without that reliable connection because your phone can transition from the Wi-Fi connection used in the office and shift to its own signal connection. Having a secondary network can help your business thrive during times of high data usage or when the local internet service provider undergoes network outages. 

This second network can do more than that. When the main connection fails, the whole office will become noisy and uncontrolled since everyone is confused and furious. So, you’ll be able to avoid such occurrences and ease frustration by providing a signal booster for your office building. 

Final thoughts 

Considering how much time we spend on online devices and programs in our lives and how much we depend on them regarding our professions, it’s normal to panic when there’s no signal to allow us to complete our tasks. But a signal booster is the most efficient solution for getting through any challenging situation, and any business should provide one in case of emergencies. What is your opinion on such a device? 

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